How to Sew a Gorgeous Puff-sleeve Blouse

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In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you how to make a long, puff-sleeve blouse. It has a wonderful fit and flare look, and it’s also really light and feminine. Let's get started!

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Tools and materials:

  • 2 meters (2.2 yards) of cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Fabric marker
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic
  • Iron
Cutting the bodice fabric

1. Cut the bodice fabric

See the video from 0:39-1:16 to see the measurements for the bodice.

Where to sew

2. Sew the front bodice

Mark 20cm (8 inches) from the top of the connecting line.

This will be the depth of the neckline of the blouse. Sew the rest of the pinned side together.

Marking the back neckline

3. Mark the back neckline

Mark 8cm (3 inches) on either side of the centerfold at the top.

From the middle of the fold, mark down 4cm (1.6 inches).

Connect these marks together with a slightly curved line. This will be the back neckline.

Marking the shoulder line

4. Mark the shoulder line

Mark 2cm (0.8 inches) down at the edge from the top. Connect this mark to one end of the neckline. This will be the shoulder line.

Draw a perpendicular line from the end of the shoulder line to finish the sleeve line of the blouse and bring this down to the bottom of the fabric.

Marking the front neckline

5. Mark the front neckline

From the middle of the top width line, mark down 10cm (4 inches), which is the width of the neck.

Connect this mark to the two ends of the neckline that you drew before with a slightly curved line.

Where to sew

6. Cut out the bodice and finish the neckline

Proceed to cut the front and back pieces of the bodice out.

Fold the fabric inside twice by 1/2cm (0.2 inches) each time and sew it down. Sew the two pieces together at the shoulders.

Sewing and attaching the necktie

7. Sew and attach the necktie

Cut a long piece of fabric measuring 3.5cm x 120cm (1.4x47 inches).

Connect the middle of the fabric line to the middle of the back neckline. Join up the rest of it and sew it down.

After the first seam, fold the other side of the fabric to the middle and sew it down.

Cutting the sleeve fabric

8. Cut the sleeve fabric

To make the sleeves, cut a long rectangle where the length is the measurement from the shoulder to the wrist, and the width is the length measurement + 15cm (6 inches).

Fold the rectangle in half lengthways.

Cutting the sleeves

9. Mark and cut the sleeves

On the bottom open side, mark across ½ the bust size - the width at the end of the bodice + 3cm (1.2 inches).

On the width side at the other end of the fabric, mark down ½ the width at the end of the sleeve that you want from the fold.

Join the two points with a curved line to create the under-armpit line of the sleeve. Cut along this line. Pin the two pieces of material together.

Sewing the ends of the sleeves

10. Sew the ends of the sleeves

Fold the end fabric inside twice by half a centimeter each time. Pin it down and sew it.

From the end of the sleeve, draw a line of 9cm down the width of the sleeves. 

Attaching a strip of fabric

11. Attach a strip of fabric

Create a strip of fabric measuring 4cm [1.6 inches] x the width at the end of the sleeve + 2cm (0.8 inches). Sew the two ends together.

Fold over both sides and iron them down. Add the circle fabric to the line you drew before and sew it to the sleeve. Make sure to keep a small gap open to insert the elastic later.

Inserting the elastic

12. Insert the elastic

Cut elastic measuring the width of the wrist + 4cm [1.6 inches] x 1cm [0.4 inches].

Insert the elastic through the channel. Sew up the elastic and the open gap.

Gathering the top of the sleeve

13. Gather the top of the sleeve

At the top of the sleeve, make a loose seam, then gather the fabric. Attach the sleeves to the bodice.

Bottom part

14. Cut fabric for and sew the bottom part

Cut a long rectangle measuring 1.5 times the width at the end of the top blouse x your hip to chest measurement. Sew the width sides together.

Finish one end of the circle fabric by folding the fabric inside twice, by 1cm (0.4 inches) each time.

Gathering the top

15. Gather the top and connect to the blouse

At the other side of the circle fabric, make a loose seam. Then gather the fabric and sew it to the bottom of the blouse.

Completed puff-sleeve blouse

Puff-sleeve blouse

Here is the finished puff-sleeve blouse. It took a lot of effort, but with a blouse as gorgeous as this, you won't look back.

I adore each individual element - the tie around the neck with the peephole underneath, the elasticated frill on the sleeves, and the fit and flare look.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave me a comment and check out my post on How to Make a Gorgeous DIY Wrap Dress Out of 2 T-Shirts.

Suggested materials:
  • 2 meters (2.2 yards) of cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
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