10 Outfits to Help You Change Your Style Without Shopping


Hi, everyone! Welcome back to another slow fashion segment. Today, I want to talk about the transformative power of our clothes when we want to change our style vibe, or personality from one to another and how we don’t need to buy new things in order to achieve a different look. Restyling and creativity are often understated in the power of creating new outfits, so this is a great exercise if you want to change style direction in your closet without investing in new clothes.

Today, I’m going to take super basic outfit formulas and I’m going to change each look from feeling very casual and chic to feeling more romantic bombshell. Let's learn how to put together an outfit using your existing closet.

Style analysis

Before jumping into my closet, I like to take a step back and do a bit of style analysis, so I can understand what makes these two style personalities different.

Slow fashion

1. Casual and Chic

One of the very first themes that pop out to me when looking at casually chic outfits is the sense of being relaxed and effortless with unfussy details and accessories. 

Effortless style

Things that are easy to walk in, or something like a crossbody bag, so you can talk on the phone and walk your dog at the same time.

Create negative space

Another big theme is negative space or the breathing room between your clothes and your body. This can be looked at a number of ways, but the easiest way is with a cuff or pant leg being slightly wider than your wrist or your ankle. This concept can also be applied by wearing a more boxy shirt.

Casual chic look

Tailored details are another overarching theme. Whether it’s choosing outerwear that has a little bit of structure, balanced proportions, or harmonious color palettes.

Shop your closet

2. Romantic Bombshell

Negative space can still be there in terms of an open neckline, but with the actual fit of the clothes, they should leave less breathing room. The proportion and silhouette are more figure-conscious. This doesn’t just mean waist definition; it means you’re choosing silhouettes and proportions that highlight the part of you that you love and want to showcase.

Draw attention with embellishments

There’s a lot of drama in these looks. There’s more contrast, whether it’s via color or volume and proportion, eye-catching details, and things with more embellishment that will draw attention. 


Now, let’s jump into my closet and style these basic outfit formulas with more intention.

Blouse and skirt 2 ways

Blouse and skirt

Styling jeans and shirt

Jeans and shirt

Simple styling for dresses


Shorts and sweaters can be worn in many ways

How to put together an outfit

Shorts and sweater

How to put together an outfit and change your style without shopping tutorial

So that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and let me know which style vibe is more your direction or if there’s another altogether that is more you.

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