A New Way to Wear Your Button up! 👌

by Christina

So I will admit I am not huge into button up shirts so I really only have like 3. I used to have quite a bit back in 2010-2013 when the see through chiffon shirts were trending. I've noticed recently the only button ups I have are my two flannels and then this one which I'm pretty sure is my dad's but I decided one day I loved it so I kept it. Here's a cute hack you can do with an oversized button up to make it more of a cute cropped cover up.

Ignore how wrinkly my shirt is I SWEAR I ironed it but then did this hack a few times and wrinkled it in the process. Start by buttoning up the very top button like so.

Now count 3 buttons down and you're going to button this BEHIND your neck. This will lift the whole shirt higher for a cropped look.

Now using a safety pin because there's not a button as low as I need I am going to close the front.

Like this I hid the safety pin you can't even notice

Here's the finished look. What do you think?

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