How to Wear Your Button-up When It's HOT Outside

Chloe Aicha
by Chloe Aicha
2 Minutes

Do you find long-sleeved shirts too restrictive when it’s hot outside? Are you looking for a cooler option?

Here, I’m going to show you a great hack for how to wear a button-up in hot weather. Be prepared for an amazing transformation. You'll be super impressed!

Tying shirt around waist

1. Tie around waist

First, tie your button-up shirt around your waist. The outside of the shirt should be facing you.

Tying behind neck

2. Tie behind neck

Now pick up the shirt below your waist and tie the two sides of it behind your neck.

I recommend not tying it too tightly so that you get a nice draped look.

Shirt hack

Shirt hack

And in just two simple steps we have transformed a button-up shirt into a gorgeous sleeveless blouse that is perfect for the summer!

This is a really out-the-box way to wear your shirt but the result is sleek and stylish. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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