Being Crafty In Styling the Crop Tops Trend

I bet you thought that older women should bypass the crop tops trend? Sure, it makes sense since most of us tend to want to cover up more and more as our bodies age.

Yet, I’m all about being creative as well as embracing our bodies. So whether you do or don’t want to show off your midriff, you can still put the crop tops trend to good use.

Crop top ideas

1- Wear it under another shirt

2- Style with high-waisted pants

3- Use it to cover cleavage

4- Layer it over spaghetti straps

5- More ideas on my blog

Why even buy such a product if you’re not going to wear it as it’s originally intended?

Because it could be better than your normal length tops.

Insider tip: Don’t be fooled by the description of a clothing item. Just because it’s called a crop top, doesn’t mean it might not work perfectly for you. Check the measurements.

Jeans: Massimo Duitti -Marshals~~ Chambray Shirt: Rubbish-Nordstrom~~ Crop Top: Final Touch from Naomi & Ruth Boutique~~ Shoes: Vince Camuto-DSW

1- Wear a Crop Top Under Another Shirt

Layering is key if your top seems a tad small. Just grab any of your button-down shirts and make them into a jacket. This is exactly the reason to hold onto those shirts from your working days.

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I wore a chambray shirt and buttoned only one button at the waist. Then I took the ends and hooked them together with one of my father’s vintage tie clips.

Insider tip: Tie clips can also do double duty as scarf clips.

Now, this can work with any color or material of button-down shirts, or for that matter any jacket or cardigan. Don’t limit yourself by what I’m showing as an example. Instead, go exploring in your own closet for something you already own that would work in this same way!

Jeans: Massimo Duitti-Marshals~~ Kimono: no label ~~Crop Top: Final Touch from Naomi & Ruth Boutique~~ Shoes: Ann Taylor

2- Style the Crop Tops Trend with High-Waisted Jeans

One of the reasons that the crop tops trend is making a comeback is because the jean silhouette trend has been changing too. You are seeing a lot more high-waisted jeans, so the shorter tops compliment them perfectly.

You don’t even realize this is a crop top when paired with the high-waisted jeans. The advantage is you don’t have all of the extra material to tuck in.

Dress: G by Giuliana- Turnstyle thrift~~Crop Top: Final Touch from Naomi & Ruth Boutique~~ Boots: Penny Loves Kenny-DSW

3- Cover Cleavage

Some of our v-neck items can be lower cut than what we are comfortable wearing. Does that mean you don’t wear them anymore? Of course not. Find a top or camisole to wear under the piece instead.

In fact, crop tops are basically what Halftees are and I showcase wearing them many times. While Halftees are meant to be worn as a layering item for modesty, you could also call them crop tops. It goes to show how the name of something can change your entire perspective of it.

And if you have a Halftee, maybe start thinking of wearing it in these ways also.

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Dress: Merona -preloved~~ Crop Top: Final Touch from Naomi & Ruth Boutique~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles ~~ Belt: Target

4- Layer it Over Spaghetti Strap Pieces

My cousin gave me this dress and while I love it, it has thin straps that show my bra straps. (Speaking of, that’s another issue I’ve used crafty styling to overcome in this post)

The only photo I could find of the dress is here and here on Instagram.

Just as I wore my Halftee over a low-cut top recently, you could wear a crop top over a dress with spaghetti straps to create a skirt out of the dress.

Don’t think it has to be just a dress, you could create a layered top with this method.Insider tip: This is when a belt is a fabulous addition to the outfit because it really separates the two pieces.

5- More ideas found on my blog

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Making our clothing super versatile is not only good for our wallet, but it’s even beneficial for your brain. Every time you create a new outfit in a totally different way, you are creating new brain pathways which help our brain health.

So even if you think my crafty ideas are a tad silly, you may want to give it a go and consider it.

I consider one of my superpowers to be how to get creative with the clothing items we have and wear them in many ways or to fix an issue that you have with something.

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