6 Cute, Colorful & Casual Summer Outfits to Rock This Season

Dana Kind of Day
by Dana Kind of Day

In this lookbook, I’ve styled some casual summer outfits to give you some inspiration on what to wear this season. I’ll be pointing out what’s on-trend and giving you some ideas about what pieces to style and how to style them. Let’s jump on in!

Casual and cute summer outfits

1. Oversized t-shirt

For the first outfit, I went with an oversized t-shirt and paired it with some semi-tailored pants to give the outfit a more elevated look. The baggy fit of the t-shirt contrasts nicely with the tight fit of the pants.

To make this outfit look more coordinated, I carried the pink theme of the pants into my accessories and went with some open-toe pink sandals, pink-tinted shades, and a black bag that has some pin detail on it.

Color-blocking summer outfit

2. Color blocking

For the next look, I went with these office-style pants. I love the color blocking with the green bag and brown pants; it looks really effective and on-trend.

To get the color blocking trend right, opt for pieces that are just a solid color and don’t have any other pattern on detail to them, as this would detract from the color.

I’ve kept this look pretty simple and only added in a minor element of pattern with some subtle stripes at the bottom of the shirt.

Statement summer outfit ideas

3. Statement sandals

The dress, the hat, and the shoes are all the main characters here, but they’re all in neutral colors, so there aren’t any patterns or prints vying for attention.

Statement sandals such as these are definitely in this season. Pair them with a simple summer dress, and your look is complete.

Because I’m a maximalist when it comes to fashion, I always need to throw accessories into the mix as well. This wide-brim hat is in a similar and complementary color to the dress, making a harmonious look.

What to wear this summer

4. Zebra print

Here again, I decided to go for an oversized t-shirt because, let's be honest, we all have a few of these in our wardrobes. I paired it with a fun zebra-print skirt which gives the outfit a trendy vibe.

When wearing oversized tops such as this one, a great way to style them is to make sure that at least part of the top is tucked in. This way, you’ll be able to reveal your waistline and add some definition to your silhouette.

The gold chains on my flats tie in with the gold trim off the bag and add a bit of bling to this look.

Casual summer outfits with jeans

5. Bright colors

Here, I went for a bright color shirt with denim shorts and some funky shoes. Bright colors will be huge this summer, so definitely don’t hesitate to play with them. There is something about bright colors that announces “summer’s here.”

Again, as I mentioned, I left most of the shirt untucked but tucked it in at one point to add some definition and make my figure look proportional.

If your loose-fitting top is completely untucked, then it can have a tendency to swamp your figure and make your legs appear shorter than they really are.

Casual summer outfits

6. Neutrals

For the last outfit, I decided to go for something a bit more neutral. On the same theme as many of the other outfits, we have here an oversized shirt and a pair of shorts.

The shorts are elasticated at the waistline, so they are comfy to wear. It’s important to dress in comfortable clothes all year round, but especially when the weather is hotter, you want to make sure you’re wearing things that you feel good in; otherwise, you’re just going to be one hot mess.

Casual summer outfits

There we have the casual outfits that I’ve styled for this summer. The top trends to incorporate into your summer wardrobe are bright colors, color blocking, statement sandals, as well as loose-fitting t-shirts and shirts.

Let me know what your favorite summer trend is in the comments below!

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