Learn The Tricks and Tips to Styling a White Button-Down Shirt

Do you have the perfect, tailored white button-down sitting in your closet at home but you’re just not sure how to wear it? I am going to teach you all the tricks to styling your shirt so that you can create the perfect look for your figure! With so many gorgeous styling options, you’ll have to wear and re-wear this piece! The white button-down works for any and all body types, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do with it. Follow my fashion tutorial and get all the tips you’ll need to turn this staple piece into a fashion statement head turner.

Before we can get started on all the tips and tricks, it’s important to have the perfect shirt to work with. In order to keep all our outfits chic and beautiful, I suggest wearing a button-down shirt that is tailored with high-quality fabric. It also doesn’t harm to use a piece with interesting details because that can only add to the looks.

Ways to style a button-down shirt
Cuffing and rolling

One of my first style tips for your button-down is to cuff or roll the sleeves. You can either cuff it once or roll it a few times to get a bit more of an edgy look. If you carry more weight in your chest, try to avoid cuffing the sleeves too high because it can create an unflattering horizontal line across the chest. 

Wear a lower cuff

Wearing the cuff lower on your arm is definitely a lot more flattering and helps elongate your body.

Styling a white button-down shirt

The same rule applies to rolling your sleeve. The only real difference between rolling and cuffing is that rolling looks a bit softer and slightly more bohemian. 

Pop the collar

To add to this look you might want to pop your collar. I think a popped collar looks good on everyone! It really has an elongating effect, especially if you leave a button or two undone along the collarbone. 

How to style a white button-down shirt women
Tie and tuck

I absolutely love a full tuck! It definitely is a more polished, clean look and I think it works for every body type. It even works beautifully on more athletic bodies because it helps create the illusion of curves. 

Wear darker bottoms

The tuck also looks gorgeous on pear-shaped figures, especially if it is a lighter brighter shirt tucked into a darker pair of pants. 

How to style a white button-down shirt

If you do carry a little more weight in your mid-section I would suggest going for a midrise and keeping the colors harmonious.

Do a French tuck

If you’re not totally comfortable tucking your whole shirt in you can always do the french tuck. You only tuck in the front of your shirt, leaving the back hanging out. This style is also a fun way to show off a belt. 

Do a half tuck

Another cool tuck you can do is tucking half of the shirt in and leaving the other half out. To make sure this look doesn’t look sloppy, I always check that the part of the shirt that is untucked is the half that sits on top. 

Wear untucked

A shirt can look really chic when left untucked. The key to not looking sloppy with an untucked shirt is making sure the piece you have is a really beautiful tailored piece on the bottom.

How to style a white button-down

I think petite, shorter girls can also wear their shirts untucked. The trick is to have a little bit of ankle or the bottom of the leg showing because that will create the illusion of height. 

Wear a tailored shirt

Wearing a tailored shirt untucked is a stunning look! When the piece rises a little on the side, it creates the perfect elongating effect keeping your outfit flattering and as chic as ever. 

Tie the shirt

What I really like about tying is that it can really play with the proportions of your body. 

Tie with high rise pants

If you have a longer torso, then tying your shirt above your actual waistline can give the illusion of having a more balanced torso, especially if you’re styling the shirt with a high waisted bottom.

Add layers

You can totally wear an open shirt over a layer. If you really want to accentuate your waist I would recommend wearing contrasting layers. This style can really help camouflage your midsection and also creates the illusion of height. 

Tie the bottom of the shirt

You can also wear your shirt as a layer and just knot it at the bottom. Depending on the rise of your pants you can choose to elongate or shorten your torso proportions. 

Add a sweater

When it comes to layering your shirt underneath things, wearing it under a sweater is a really nice, classic look. If you’re smaller chested and want to create the illusion of a bigger top, a nice crew neck will do the trick. There’s also no harm in adding a bit of bling to draw the eye upwards. 

How to style a button-down shirt

If you are a little bit fuller-figured, wearing a gorgeous print scarf hanging loosely around your neck helps draw the eye along the length of the body. This gives your outfit a layered dynamic look, without adding any extra bulk. 

Add accessories

Accessorizing your white button-down is so much fun because it’s literally a blank canvas. I love to focus on necklaces, rings, and wrist jewelry. Adding a silk scarf around your neck can also look so gorgeous. 

Create an edgy look

Create a romantic look

Create a French-inspired look

Create a preppy look

Here are four totally different styles I created using the same white shirt. I love how versatile this piece is! Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!  


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    I love the White shirt and have several. I really enjoyed all your suggestions. No favs, all great.