How to Style Casual & Comfy Outfits for Women Over 40


Today, I’m going to show you my current favorite outfits for women over 40. I’ve included a range of very casual things that I wear while going about my daily routine and more dressed-up outfits that I like to wear if I’m going out for lunch or dinner. I hope you get some styling inspiration.

Comfy everyday fashion over 40

1. Comfy everyday

First up, this is the sort of outfit that I can be found in most of the time. I’m wearing a pair of black jeans because they can go with absolutely anything.

Up on top, I’m wearing a loose white sweater that is a great option when you don’t want anything that is too tight on your stomach. The flowy style of the sweater means that the bottom of it isn’t sitting right on top of my stomach.

On my feet, I’m wearing Ugg boots because they basically feel like slippers and who doesn’t want that?

Stylish outfits for women over 40

2. Flared and fabulous

Here we have a more dressed-up outfit. I’ve stuck with black jeans but have opted for a flared style instead. A different cut of jeans can make all the difference in the aesthetic that you’re trying to create.

The fittedness at the top of the jeans and the flared style at the bottom is very flattering.

I’ve styled the jeans with a white shirt that has a flounced, layered style on the sleeves. These sleeves make the shirt more of a statement piece which makes it interesting and not plain.

Cozy knitted dress outfit

3. Cozy knit

This also is something that I might wear if I were going out somewhere. I’m wearing a knitted dress that keeps me nice and snug and over the top a warm coat that has a furry neckline. 

Casual fashion for women over 40

Here you can see that the bottom of the sleeves is the same color as the bottom of the dress. I really like this design, and I think that the brownish pink color works well with the gray.

The colors are also both neutral which means that the dress is versatile and you can really pair it with whatever shoes and accessories you want.

Chic striped sweater with flared jeans

4. Chic stripes

Here I have styled my flared black jeans with a striped sweater. I really like the different sized stripes of the sweater - some wide and some thin - and also the color alternations as well.

This variation of shape and color means that the sweater looks nice and stylish, and you don’t end up looking like Dennis the Menace! The fact that there is black on the sweater means that it ties in nicely with the jeans.

How to wear a statement furry vest

5. Statement vest

Next up, I’m wearing this gorgeous statement vest. It is furry and has an ombre color design that’s gray at the top and then fades into black.

Underneath, I’m wearing a white sweater with wide bell sleeves that go well with the vest.

The furriness of the vest also adds some interest, texture, and dimension to this look, making the overall appearance elevated and chic.

Outfits for women over 40

6. Bow sleeves

This is the last outfit I have to show you. I’ve started off with my base of skinny black jeans and comfy Ugg boots.

Up on top, I’m wearing a cream sweater which is quite simple but has this cute bow detail around the wrists that is really fun and adds some character to the outfit.

Outfits for women over 40

Those are my favorite outfits for women over 40. My top tip is don’t try to dress like others; discover your own personal style and wear the pieces that you like and make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Stay fabulous!

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