1 Shirt Styled in 7 Ways

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

I’m going to be showing you how to style one shirt in seven different ways. For many, when choosing a shirt, a white one is the default option. I’ve gone for a pastel yellow colored one here to spice things up a bit, and believe it or not, I discovered that a yellow shirt could be just as versatile. Read on to find out how I styled it.

How to style a button-down

Colorful pants

Here I’ve gone for a pair of pants in a tan-orange color which coordinates well with the yellow shirt. To dress the outfit up, I added a pair of open-toed heels and a statement bag in a hexagonal shape. I’ve thrown a hat on as well, and I feel fabulous.

Styling a button-down

Mini dress

In this look, I’ve gone for a mini-dress instead of the pants and have kept the accessories the same. I like this outfit because it shows how the shirt can be worn open, as a piece of outerwear, instead of buttoned-up, which is how most people are used to wearing it. To get the most out of your shirts, I definitely recommend wearing them in different ways as I have done here.

Easy button-down style


For a casual, everyday look, a great way to style the shirt is with a pair of shorts and sneakers. I’ve gone for a pair of tight denim shorts. To add a bit of interest to this look, I’ve added an asymmetrical effect by tucking one side of the shirt in and leaving the other side untucked. As this is a casual look, I’ve kept accessories to a minimum with just a hat, a gold ring, and a bangle.

button-down style

Mom jeans

It’s amazing how much a pair of heels can transform an outfit. Here I’m wearing the shirt with a pair of mom jeans, and the white pair of heels that I’ve chosen for footwear takes the outfit to the next level. It transforms it from something casual to something classy and dressed-up. I matched my clutch bag with the heels for a coordinated look.

Basic button-down style


A long shirt will, of course, work well with a pair of leggings. The loose fit of the shirt contrasts well with the tightness of the pants. The fact that the shirt is also quite long means that it falls below the hips and gives you some coverage at the top of your legs. I paired this outfit with a pair of kitten sandals and a simple black clutch bag.

Outfits with a button-down


This is very similar to the last look, but I’ve added a corset on top of the shirt. I know that wearing a corset might not be within everyone’s comfort zone, but I think it creates a stunning look for those willing to try it. Believe it or not, corsets do actually make a great outerwear piece - they since you in and create a really nice feminine silhouette. 

Pleated skirt

To switch things up, I decided to style the shirt differently here. I kept some of the buttons undone at the bottom and then tied the shirt to create a bow-like effect. This way of styling the shirt looks really feminine, and what better accompaniment than a ladylike pleated skirt. I’ve styled this outfit with a pair of open-toe heels and a leather bag, and the finished outfit looks sophisticated and suave. 

Those are my seven looks, and I’m really happy with all of them. Styling a shirt in lots of different ways like this is a great way to get the most out of your wardrobe. So next time you think that you have nothing to wear, why not grab something from your wardrobe and breathe new life into it by styling it in a way that you haven’t done so before.

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