20 Easy Work From Home Outfits That Balance Comfy With Professional

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

When I’m working from home, I don’t want to be sitting at my computer wearing fitted trousers and a blazer. For me, that is neither realistic nor comfortable.

In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you 20 work-from-home outfits that strike the perfect balance between feeling put-together but not overly so and feeling comfy, but not wearing sweatpants all day.

I believe that dressing right is key to having the right mindset for work. I feel a boost of energy and confidence when I’m dressed up, and I’ll feel lazy and just want to lounge around if I’m wearing leggings or sweatpants.


Best work from home outfits

Kicking it off with one of my go-to outfits is a pair of stretchy denim shorts with a linen button-up top. I love these types of tops because they're loose, airy, and comfortable.

Denim shorts with a button-up top

Here is another button-up option. This one is not linen, but it's a loose-fitted, pinstripe button-up top.

Bermuda shorts with a mock-neck top

Oh, look, it’s a mock-neck top. I am a big fan of mock neck tops, so this one will be the first of many that you’ll see. I love monochrome looks, and to me, this looks super chic.

The shorts are high-waisted, loose-fitted Bermudas with a built-in belt.

Cute work from home outfits

For those of you who may not be as obsessed with mock-neck or turtlenecks as much as I am, you can always pair some wide-leg shorts with a loose, drapey blouse or t-shirt.

Bermuda shorts with a cardigan

This next number is another pair of Bermuda shorts and a cropped cardigan. I love cardigans because I think they’re chic and comfortable. This is a very put-together look that still feels comfy to wear. You can always throw a blazer on top if you need to for a meeting.

Knee-length shorts for work

If the other pairs of shorts weren’t formal enough for you - here you go. I love these knee-length shorts. They are super fancy, and I paired them with a semi-sheer button-up top.


Work from home outfit ideas

This first dress is ridiculously comfortable. It’s a stretchy-knit sheath dress, and it looks really great with a blazer on top as well.

Ribbed-knit midi dress for work

I wear this ensemble at least once a week. It’s so comfortable - it’s a ribbed-knit midi dress, and, of course, I love my monochrome, so I paired it with a long, loose cardigan

Tie-waist dress for work

This is another one I used to wear to the office; it’s a tie-waist midi dress. It’s comfortable and flowy, and you can find this style of dress in so many different colors and patterns.

What to wear working from home

As someone who does not wear a lot of bold, colorful patterns, this dress is probably one of the boldest I own. Some of you may be thinking that this dress is a little too bold for you, but you can also find this style of dress in plain colors or simple patterns.

It’s a loose-fitted, button-up shirt dress, and when I wear it, I always get a lot of compliments, even on Zoom.

Sweater dress for work

If it’s starting to get a little chilly or you just have your AC blasting, let me suggest this comfortable sweater dress, which of course has a turtleneck.

I love sweater dresses and have many other ones in a similar style to this. This one has a tie waist, but you can also wear it loose.

Wearing a cardigan over a t-shirt dress

I can’t finish off the dresses without showing a t-shirt dress. T-shirt dresses are so comfortable, and although they’re casual, you can always make them more formal by adding a blazer or a cardigan over the top.


Casual work from home outfits

Here, I’m wearing wide-leg jersey pants. They’re super comfy, and the back part of the waistband is elasticated, so perfect for sitting all day. I paired them with a soft, cozy sweater.

Tucking a short-sleeved button-up into wide-leg pants

Another way to wear these wide-leg pants is with a button-up short-sleeved top tucked in. It’s breathable and still looks very put-together.

Pull=on pants with a short-sleeved button-up

Here’s another comfy pant option: pull-on pants. This is a straight-leg pant, and they’re honestly just a step above legging - ridiculously comfortable.

I’ve paired them with the same button-up short-sleeved top but this time, I’m wearing it untucked for a more relaxed look.

Clothes to wear working from home

Here’s another look with the same pull-on pants. This time with a turtleneck; if this pattern is too bold for you, you can always opt for a plain one.

Again, you could always throw on a blazer, and you are ready for your meeting. 


Wearing leggings and a vest for work

Take a look at that vest! I am in love with oversized vests, and I think this look is a great way to wear leggings while still looking very polished.

Leggings with a long button-up shirt

This outfit is a lot more basic but still looks put-together when you’re on a video conference. It’s a long-tine button-up top that’s semi-sheer with black leggings. 

Leggings with a long duster-style cardigan

If you’re looking for something a little bit more casual, then you can pair your black leggings with a black crop top and then throw on a long-line button-up cardigan on top. 

Work from home outfits

For the last outfit, I paired the same black leggings with a loose and comfy sweater in a bright cobalt blue just to add a pop of color to my outfit.

Work from home outfits

There we have 20 different work-from-home outfits. Even if you’re working by yourself and no one else is really going to see you, what you wear is still important.

Style shapes the way you feel, which in turn will affect your attitude to work. When you feel great, you’re ready to perform!

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