7 Comfy but Professional Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas

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If you're looking for workwear ideas that are chic enough for virtual meetings yet casual enough for lounging with a laptop on the couch, look no further.

Today, I am going to share a week’s worth of work-from-home outfits to help inspire you to create your own. Let's get started.

Turtleneck and jeans

Day 1: Turtleneck and jeans

Day one was a filming day, so I needed to look put together. 

I started by doing my hair and makeup and then put on a pair of mom jeans that have a great stretch. I paired these with a bright yellow turtleneck to keep me warm and cheery in the cold weather. 

Turtleneck and jeans

I added a vintage belt with a mixed metal buckle. 

Any accessory that mixes silver and gold is a win because you can wear both silver and gold jewelry with your outfit without it looking out of place. Things like belts and watches are great for this.  


I stuck with gold bracelets and rings for this outfit, but if I wanted to mix silver jewelry in, I could easily do so since the belt would tie it all together


Comfy sweater dress

Day 2: Comfy sweater dress

The majority of the day will be spent editing, so I want to be comfortable.

I decided to wear this simple but impactful sweater dress which has a gorgeous mock neck and skin-hugging arms.


Hoop earrings

To up my style, I wore these classy, handcrafted hoop earrings.



I kept the rest of my outfit uncomplicated with two dainty bracelets and because I was staying home, I wore my fluffy slippers.

If you are planning to leave the house, pair a sweater dress with sneakers, loafers or flats.


Black jumpsuit

Day 3: Black jumpsuit

The focus for today was content writing and phone calls. I struggle to stay focused if I don't feel comfortable, that's why I wore a jumpsuit with a wrap neck and pockets. The neckline helps elevate the look.


I added interest with a thrifted belt.



I tried making my jewelry more captivating as this is a basic outfit, so I went with hoop earrings and my floating diamond necklace around my neck.  



After that, I added a black watch accompanied by a heavy chain bracelet and vintage rings.

This outfit was very comfortable and looked chic.


Jeans and sweater

Day 4: Jeans and sweater

I felt like a sweater and jeans day. I love the color combination of the light blue jeans and gray sweater, so I didn't even add a belt since I didn't want anything to distract from the look.



To keep things interesting, I've layered two necklaces, one of which is quite delicate and the other more stylized.

They both echo the crew neckline of the shirt which I think is really flattering.



I put on some plain gold hoop earrings.



And I paired my vintage rings with two thinner ones.

This outfit will keep me comfy but is still appropriate if I need to jump onto an unexpected meeting or answer the door. 


5. Smart shirt and jeans

Day five was an important day at work so I needed to look classy.

My ensemble is a pair of dark jeans and this elegant white silk blouse. 

Chunky necklace

I decided to wear this chunky gold necklace. 

I think if you work-from-home and have video calls, a statement necklace can be a virtual meeting winner. It will show up nicely on the screen and unlike earrings and bracelets, it isn’t loud when you talk or move around.

In contrast to the necklace, I went simple with my earrings and rings. 

This outfit feels really sophisticated but the jeans keep it casual enough for home.


Sweater and joggers

Day 6: Sweater and joggers

Today, I have a lazy day outfit for you, a sweater and joggers.

This sweater has a loose and cozy silhouette and works wonderfully over these joggers. 



Again, I’ve gone with layered necklaces.



Minimal rings.


And I added this tan watch to play off the brown of the sweater. 

This feels like an intentional outfit, everything is styled nicely but it is still super comfortable and perfect for a lazy day.

If I need to run out, I can put on a pair of sneakers or flats and know I look polished.

All black look

Day 7: All black look

Today is the final day of this week's work-from-home outfits, and I am having another lazy day. 

I’ve chosen all black today with loose silk joggers and to balance those out a fitted long-sleeve shirt.



With regards to accessories, I am keeping everything minimal.

I’ve got these little crescent moon studs in my ears.



And I added another layer to my necklaces with something a little longer to bolster my very basic shirt. This outfit feels simple but stylish.

Work-from-home outfits

That’s it for my 7 days of work-from-home outfits. I hoped you liked the roundup and are inspired to ruffle through your closet and create your own outfits.

Let me know in the comments what you come up with!

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