How to Style Joggers for Any Occasion

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we love our soft, comfy clothes. Staying at home became a love affair with loungewear. Sure, we occasionally cleaned up for a work Zoom meeting, but mostly we vowed to put our snuggly clothes on and never take them off. Enter: Joggers. These loose-fitting, tapered-at-the-ankle pants became the perfect solution to hide those long days of stress eating. And while many of us thought of them as just our stay-at-home pants, they actually started becoming trendy. Now brands are releasing joggers in multiple colors and materials, from cozy fleece to stylish silk.

I must admit I bought a pair when my other lounge pants started to show wear after a year of staying home A LOT to avoid catching COVID-19. I love the easy fit and gathering at the ankle for a bit of shape. Since I want to wear them all the time now, I thought I’d come up with ways to style joggers for any occasion.

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Joggers as Loungewear

This is how we usually think of joggers. The comfy, loose pants are great with just a t-shirt and sneakers for wearing around the house, working out or quick errands. I got mine in a warm, thick fleece material for the winter season. But now I’m thinking of getting some in a lighter fabric when spring comes, which will make them a little less bulky for other styling options.

Joggers Dressed Business Casual

If your job requires you to go in the office, you can still wear your comfy joggers! Just clean them up a little with a crisp button-down shirt and a sweater vest to stay warm. Throw on some heels, and you have an easy-going business casual look.

Joggers for Dress-Up

These days, dressing up for anything feels like such an effort after being home and comfortable. But believe it or not, your joggers actually style up pretty nice. Pair them with a pretty blouse and metallic heels, and a clutch purse, and you’re ready to go out for an evening!

Joggers for Sweater Weather

If you picked a pair of fleece joggers, you have the perfect pants for going out in the cold. Pair them with a chunky sweater and do a little front tuck to give yourself some shape. The jogger’s tapered ankle is perfect for slipping into lace-up booties. You’ll be snug as a bug!

Joggers Easy Dress-Up Look

Remember the sneakers and t-shirt look from the beginning? You can style it up for a last-minute Zoom meeting or lunch date. Throw on a blazer, and some jewelry and nobody will know you came straight from couch-potato mode!

Now that you know how to wear your comfy joggers for any occasion, which way will you wear them?

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Stay cozy!

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