How to Style "Gossip Girl" Outfits Inspired by Serena Van Der Woodsen

Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows of all time. Whenever I’m asked for a celebrity style icon that encompasses my personal style, I always say Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. Her style on the show is so inspiring to me.

Even though Serena is my style icon, I love all of the characters' outfits on the show. But, even though I tried to recreate some of Blair’s outfits, it was all but impossible. Her pattern mixing is unrivaled, but it made it incredibly hard to find anything even remotely similar to what she wore.

Here, I’m going to style a Serena-van-der-Woodsen-inspired outfit for each day of the working week.

Serena van der Woodsen outfits

Day 1

The first outfit is this casual, cool, yet sparkly outfit that Serena wore. I love the mix of everyday items, like this striped tee and chambray shirt, mixed with something a little out of the box—a sequined mini skirt.

I tried to do my hair and makeup similar to Serena’s. Her makeup looks pretty natural, her hair kind of looks as though she hasn’t brushed it.

This isn’t the most practical outfit for everyday life, but it’s the look that counts, right?

Recreating Gossip Girl outfits

Day 2

Day 2, and I’m sticking with the sequin theme, this time in the form of a sequined vest. This outfit is not something I would usually wear with the bold color mixing, but I love how it looks on Serena.

I managed to find a pretty similar skirt, but the top was much harder to find; the color is pretty on point, but the silhouette just isn’t there, and I think it lets my recreation down.

I don’t think that I’ll be wearing this combination again, but it was a good try. Again, I tried to do my hair and makeup to match Serena when she was wearing this outfit.

How to recreate Blake Lively's Gossip Girl outfits

Day 3

Today’s outfit is this pink, wide-legged pant ensemble. I don’t have anything similar to her nude and black-toed oxford heels, though, so I went with my nude pumps instead.

My top is also not exactly the same as hers e.g. my top has stripes, and hers doesn’t. Hers is also rather showing off her bra underneath, which is obviously not appropriate for my work, so I’ve tweaked it a bit. I think that the vibe is still kind of similar.

Cute Gossip Girl Serena outfits

Day 4 

When you buy a sequined vest to copy Serena’s style, you’ve got to wear it as much as possible, right? Well, I’ve got another sequined vest outfit for day 4.

This look is a little more toned down with a red maxi skirt, white singlet, nude pumps, and an oversized snake print handbag.

My skirt has a bit slit up the front, but it seems to be in a similar material to Serena’s and falls kind of bohemian-esque.

Serena-van-der-Woodsen-inspired outfits

Day 5

For my final day of wearing Gossip Girl outfits, I’m going for this floral skirt and denim vest combo.

The pattern on my skirt is different, and my vest is only similar in the fact that it is denim, so I haven’t got high hopes for this outfit; it doesn’t look quite as chic as Serena’s version.

Serena-van-der-Woodsen-inspired outfits

That’s the end of my week of dressing like I'm in the cast of Gossip Girl. I’m not sure I reached an Upper-East-side level of cool, but I did get quite a few comments on how stylish my outfits were!

I’ll see you all next time - xoxo Gossip Girl.

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