How to Style a Bodycon Dress

by Rozana

Bodycon dresses are some of the most fun dresses. I think that they're an essential piece of clothing in every closet. I found this dress at a small boutique store in Barcelona, Spain. It's cute and the fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable. I like that it has short sleeves because I can wear it on different occasions without much concern. Since the dress is tight enough, I was able to tuck it in and pair it with some cute outfits.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for styling your own bodycon dress.

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This is the dress on it's own. It's light and breathable. it has short sleeves and can be stretched to be a couple of inches above your knees or a bit shorter if you like it that way too

Bodycon dresses are beautiful and form fitting. This one really hugs my body but it doesn't squeeze it.

Here I rolled up the dress and tucked it under and paired with high waisted blue jeans shorts. You can make it an elegant outfit by wearing a cute pair of wide, low heel sandals

you can see that the dress rolled up nicely. It is not bunching up anywhere. I really like the look with the high waisted shorts. Makes it look like a cute bodysuit.

Here I tried it with a cute little A line skirt. For some reason this look reminds me of the Rachel Green look on my favorite show 'friends'

Again the dress isn't bunching up and you can't see it underneath the skirt. The skirt being dark and A line also help conceal those lines.

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