How to Wear a Bodycon Midi Dress Dressed Up or Dressed Down

In this dressed-up, dressed-down style guide, I’m going to be showing you how to wear a bodycon midi dress in two different ways: one casual and one formal.

I know that for many people, bodycon dresses are on their “not for me” list, but I’m hoping to change your mind at least a little bit by showing you how versatile this style of dress can be. Let's get started.

How to wear a bodycon midi dress

This dress is blue and ribbed with a slit at the side, and it’s one of my go-to dresses for pretty much any occasion.

How to wear a bodycon midi dress formally

Formal outfit

To dress this dress up, I layered a crochet lace top over the top and belted both the dress and the top with a thin black belt. The layered pearl statement earrings dress up any outfit they’re added to.

Finally, I’m wearing some heels. These lace-up, black chunky heels tie in with the belt and make for a cohesive look. They also have the same slightly boho feel as the crochet top.

How to wear a bodycon midi dress casually

Casual outfit

Styling the casual look was a no-brainer for me. An oversized denim jacket plus crisp white sneakers equals a too-cool-for-school casual daytime outfit.

As for accessories, I’ve gone for a layered black choker and some edgy square stud earrings. I feel like this outfit would look cool with a funky cap as well.

How to wear a bodycon midi dress

So, what do you think of this bodycon dress? If you weren’t a fan of them before, have I convinced you to maybe give them a try?

Also, let me know which look you prefer in the comments below: the dressed-up or the dressed-down version. Styling one piece in both a formal and a casual way is great because it allows you to get maximum wear out of it.

Thanks for joining this tutorial on how to wear a bodycon midi dress.

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