9 Chic Fashion Tips to Help You Emulate Italian Women's Style

Ciao, bella! This is my take on how to dress like an Italian woman. Both my mom and dad are Italian, so I grew up with a lot of Italian influence, and I like to think that I know what I'm talking about. Italian women's style is always put together and fabulous - you can never be overdressed!

In this tutorial, I'm sharing 9 Italian style tips and outfit ideas to help you evoke Italian fashion, and inspire you to dress like una donna Italiana!

La bella figura: how to dress like an Italian

Principle 1 - La bella figura

The first overarching principle is really the basis of everything else when it comes to dressing like an Italian, and that is the incredible importance placed on how you look, how you present yourself to the world.

Even if an Italian woman is just running out to grab milk, she looks fabulous!

This mindset starts from a young age, and it has nothing to do with wearing designer labels or really expensive clothes, it simply means that you're put together, your clothes are clean, they fit beautifully.

It's called "la bella figura", it's like putting your best face and foot forward. Here, I have styled an elevated everyday look that perfectly emulates this principle.

Italian fashion principles

Principle 2 - High heels every day

We often see Italian women wearing heels. Even when they're on their bikes riding on the cobblestone streets, they're wearing a heel! I do think that wearing a heel as often as possible, even if it is a platform or a block heel, really can elevate a look.

However, I do think that it's important to note that street style definitely includes sneakers and flat boots, and practical footwear.

Italians invest in quality footwear. This doesn't have to mean designer; it just means that they know how to spot good quality shoes that are both comfortable and very stylish. Here, I’ve added a pair of sassy red heels to a simple black and white outfit.

Casual Italian style

Principle 3 - Balance and harmony

If there is anything that Italians do well in all of their outfits, there is always a sense of balance and harmony in terms of color, weight, accessories, and prints.

French and Italian style

Principle 4 - Good lingerie

Italian women seem to exude this sense of sexiness and self-confidence, and I think this stems from the fact that they choose very sexy and confidence-boosting lingerie. Good undergarments have everything to do with how well your clothes fit and fall on your body.

Leather pencil skirt and blouse

Principle 5 - Beautiful fit

The French and Italians are similar in that they know that a beautifully fitted outfit can take you from frumpy and not looking put together to looking instantly elegant and sophisticated.

It's really about knowing how garments should fall on your body. This can be as simple as finding a seamstress or a tailor you can work with to alter your off-the-rack garments just slightly, so that they are really suited to your body.

Or, learn how to modify and tailor your own clothing!

Italian outfit with accessories

Principle 6 - Focus on accessories

High-quality accessories are very important. An outfit is really finalized with a beautiful quality handbag and a pair of sunglasses. In this look, the large leather purse makes a statement and it upgrades the simple jeans and top combination.

Italian women's style

In this look, the bag, headscarf, and flash of red in the shoes elevate the outfit.

Investing in quality basics

Principle 7 - Quality basics

Italians do like to invest in their quality basics. Even though they're adding a lot of flair, there is always a beautiful element of classic lines, timeless and luxurious fabrics.

All of these fine details about the beautiful quality basics really come through to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

I think that it's really a thought process that is ingrained in choosing a very timeless piece that they know they're going to wear for years to come, and then taking very good care of it so that it lasts.

Playing with proportions and silhouettes

Principle 8 - Proportions and silhouettes

Italians know how to play with proportions and silhouettes to add drama to their look. Central to this is paying attention to how and where clothes fall on their body.

Italian style tips you need to know

Principle 9 - Elevated pieces

Italian women somewhere, somehow in their look, always incorporate a statement or elevated piece. Maybe it's a pair of beautiful statement earrings worn with something a little bit more daytime. 

To add an elevated piece as part of your everyday look, start by checking out your eveningwear jewelry or your eveningwear pieces. See if you can incorporate them in a very balanced and harmonious way into your regular outfits. 

How to elevate everyday wear like an Italian

How to dress like an Italian woman

So now you know all of the ins and outs of Italian women's style! It’s important to remember that the principles and guides that drive Italians to dress the way they do aren't rules.

I don't think that rules apply to personal style, it's really all about what makes you feel good. Plus, rules have never applied to Italians, if I may say so!

Which of these Italian style tips resonated with you the most? Which Italian-inspired outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Brenda Saunders Brenda Saunders on Sep 06, 2021

    I loved your presentation. I love to dress whenever I leave the house. Why shouldn't I try to give people something good to look at. People are much kinder when they are around ladies , who look great. I am of the baby boomer generation. We took the country to blue jeans, athletic shoes and sweat pants. We were so uncomfortable in our dress clothes ,we threw away class and style. But I always loved dressing in a classic, but creative way. I think fashion is fluid and ageless. I love Diane Keaton' s style and the late Nancy Wilson, jazz stylist, classic elegance with her clothing. Patti Austin, jazz and pop singer is another woman who has always been very stylish and elegant on stage. Whitney Houston and Dame Helen

    Mirren are wonderful examples of style and class. I think the Italian women and men are harbingers of good taste and class not only in their clothing but food.