No-Sew Party Dress

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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10 Minutes

Hello Readers. It seems like the holidays are coming faster than ever this year. What if you need a party dress but you don't have one ready? What can you do? I have quick and easy idea. There is no sewing required for this refashion.

Before and after. This whole look will only take a few minutes to put together.

 You only need 2 items to create this party look. First you need a big men's t-shirt with a round neck. The bigger the t-shirt is, the longer and fuller your dress will be. The second thing you need is a button-up blouse. The one I have here is sheer but any dressy blouse or shirt will do. You are going to wear it with the t-shirt.

Put the t-shirt on as if it were a strapless dress. The neck/head hole will be small enough to stay up above your chest. It will stay on you very well. And it will be loose and fit all kinds of body types.

Those sleeves need to disappear. Tuck each sleeve into itself.

They will look like big pockets after you tuck them in. Stay with me, it will start to look cute in a minute. We are almost done.

Now we get to the blouse. You can use long or short sleeves. Whatever you want. The shirt covers your shoulders and helps to keep you warm but it also gives the waist of this t-shirt dress a nice shape. This t-shirt dress is shapeless. Adding the blouse on top makes the dress more flattering on your body. Tie the shirt in a knot at the smallest part of your waist. It is like an instant hour-glass figure.

Put on your favorite party shoes and you are ready to go to your party. I hope you have lots of fun!


Suggested materials:
  • Big Men's T-shirt
  • Favorite Button-Up Blouse

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