This Glitzy DIY Christmas Party Dress is Perfect for the Holidays

Jess Dang
by Jess Dang
12 Materials
4 Hours

Need a glitzy party dress for the holidays? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a DIY Christmas party dress! It’s shimmery, sparkly, festive, and very sexy, with a deep V in the front and an open back. Let's get sewing!

Tools and materials:

  • Sparkly fabric - 2 yards
  • Lining - 2 yards
  • Sewing machine
  • Serger
  • Invisible zipper presser foot
  • Zipper - 12 inch
  • Slider and rings for adjustable straps
  • Needle and thread
  • Measuring tape/ruler
  • Marking or tailor’s chalk
  • Iron
  • Safety pin
Party dress sewing patterns

1. Make the top pattern 

Fold the sparkly fabric in half. Measure a rectangle 16 inches (half your bust size) by 12 inches (from the shoulder to just under the bust). Cut it out.

Measuring the sparkly fabric

From the left top side, go in 7 inches (¼ of the measurement under your bust).

Marking the party dress sewing pattern

Mark the top and bottom and connect in a straight line.

Measuring and marking with tailor's chalk

From that line, go down 6 inches (measurement from the shoulder to under the armpit). 

Sewing pattern for the party dress bodice

On the right side, go in 4 inches and mark on the top.

Connecting marks together on the fabric

From that mark, draw a line to connect to the bottom right corner.

Drawing a curved line on the fabric

Then, draw a curved line to connect those 3 marks together.

Marking and cutting the lining fabric

Mark the lining the same way.

Cutting out the party dress bodice pieces

Cut out the pieces.

Pinning the lining and fabric pieces together

Lay the lining and fabric right sides together, and pin. 

Measuring the shoulder ties

2. Make the shoulder ties

Fold the fabric in half. Measure 2 rectangles 1½ inches wide by 24 inches long. Measure another 2 rectangles that are 1½ inches wide by 3¼ inches long. 

Folding the ties lengthwise

Cut out the pieces. Fold the long ties lengthwise so the right sides are together.

Pinning and sewing the party dress straps

Pin and sew with a straight stitch lengthwise.

Turning the fabric with a safety pin

Use a safety pin to flip the fabric inside out.

Inserting the straps between the fabrics

Insert the straps between the lining and the fabric at the top of the triangles. Pin in place. 

How to make a DIY party dress from scratch

Fold the short ties lengthwise. Pin and sew with a straight stitch down the length of the tie. On the outside of both of the bodice triangles, measure 6 inches from the bottom. Mark the spot.

Adding a ring to the short tie

Add a ring to the short tie and fold the tie in half. Sandwich the tie inside that 6-inch mark. Pin in place.

Sewing the bodice of the DIY party dress

3. Sew the top pattern

Sew the sides of both triangles, sewing the ties in, leaving the bottom unsewn.

Ironing the fabric to press

Iron the fabric.

Gathering the fabric at the base of the bust

Serge the bottom of the triangles. Sew a basting stitch about ¼ inch in to gather the fabric at the base of the bust. Only gather in the inner corner of the bust area.

Make sure the width of the triangles is half the measurement just under your bust.

Measuring the waistband for the party dress

4. Make the waistband

Measure 2½ inches wide by 29 inches long (measurement of your ribcage under your bust, plus 1 inch). Measure the same for the lining. Cut the fabric.

DIY party dress tutorial

Fold the waistband in half widthwise and mark the center. Unfold the waistband and place the mark in the center of the 2 triangles. Do the same technique for the lining.

Attaching the waistband to the bodice

Place the lining behind the triangles, so both linings are together and the triangles are sandwiched in between. Join at the center first, working your way outward.

How to sew a party dress

Sew about ¼ of an inch in from the edge.

Easy sew DIY party dress

After sewing the first stitch, sew another straight stitch right next to the previous stitch. Serge the ends of the waistband to connect the lining to the fabric.

Measuring the skirt for the party dress

5. Make the skirt

Fold the fabric and measure 36 inches across (hip size) by 20 inches long (preferred length). Cut. Do the same for the lining.

Gathering the fabric for the skirt

Baste stitch both fabrics to create a gathered effect at the top.

Matching the gathered skirt to the waistband

Make sure the gathered fabric matches your waistband exactly.

Attaching the bodice to the skirt

6. Sew the bodice to the skirt

Fold the bodice over the skirt, right sides together. Lay the lining underneath, so the bodice is sandwiched between the fabric and the lining.

Pinning the skirt to the waistband

Pin the edges first, working your way towards the center, while making sure the gathers are evenly distributed. Sew with a straight stitch. Then sew a second straight stitch.

Serge the two side seams and the hem.

Installing a zipper into the DIY party dress

7. Install the zipper

Bring the side seams to the back.

Pinning the zipper to the dress

Place the closed zipper to the left side first and pin in place at the top. Then pin the zipper to the top on the right side. Open the zipper. Pin the zipper down on both sides. 

Sewing the zipper into the dress

Install an invisible zipper presser foot on the sewing machine. Sew the zipper in place.

Easy DIY party dress

8. Finish the dress

Pull the bottom of the zipper out. Sew up the back center seam with a straight stitch. In my case, I needed to hand-sew the top of the zipper down.

Connecting the back of the ties to the dress

The last step is to connect the long ties in an X shape in the back. Install the slider on the long tie. Insert the tie into the already attached ring on the short tie (similar to a bra closure so you can adjust the strap length).

Adjusting the party dress straps

Sewing the ends of the ties to the dress

Once you’ve folded the fabric into the rings, sew the open end of the tie to close the loop.

DIY Christmas party dress

DIY Christmas party dress tutorial

There you have a beautiful DIY Christmas party dress you can make today and wear tonight! Let me know in the comments if you made this dress and share your photos! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Suggested materials:
  • Sparkly fabric - 2 yards
  • Lining - 2 yards
  • Sewing machine
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