6 Classic Pre-Fall Outfits to Help You Dress for Changeable Weather

Welcome to my effortlessly chic lookbook of pre-fall outfits. I’m going to be giving you some transitional outfit ideas that you can reach for whatever the weather. Read on to learn how to dress for that awkward in-between climate, focusing on timeless classic looks as well as 2021 pre-fall fashion trends.

Layered pre-fall outfit

1. Basic pre-fall outfit

The key with this look is starting with a good comfortable base. Here, I’m wearing one of my favorite pairs of pants paired with a simple t-shirt. You can play with it from there, depending on the weather.

I’ve layered my Parisian-style blazer over the top, but I think that it would work just as well with a boxy coat or a big chunky knit. Equally, if you wanted that smartness, but it’s a little bit too hot, you could pair it with a simple camisole top underneath.

To make this a pre-fall outfit, I’ve switched out a lot of my sandals for ballet flats and boots instead. I’m integrating a pair of camel pumps and then keeping it every day chic with my oversized tote.

Versatile pre-fall dress with floral design

2. Pre-fall dress

Pre-fall collections often have the perfect crossover pieces that will work in all seasons. I recently bought this beautiful dress that will be very versatile in my wardrobe. Slightly chintz style florals are a big trend in the autumn.

The slit at the front and the short sleeves mean that it will work nicely in the heat, but equally, it could be layered with a pair of tights, a cardigan, and a pair of ankle boots for when it’s cold.

On an aesthetic level, I love the shape, the feel, the whole vibe of the dress. It reminds me of a very old-school Parisian tea dress. I’m literally covering all bases with this outfit idea and I’m feeling effortlessly chic while I’m doing it.

Wearing contrasting colors in the fall

3. Perfect contrast

This pre-fall outfit is similar but different from number one. Here, we have a great-fitting pair of pants that are slightly looser and more low-slung, paired with a simple but contrasting fitted top.

I’m finishing the look with a denim jacket slung over my arm, a leather handbag, and keeping me cool and laid back are my camel sandals. This look is a lot to do with contrast, both in shape, fit, and fabric content. 

Pre-fall outfit with knitwear

4. Spot-on knitwear

You can never really go wrong with beige, white, or cream knitwear. There’s just something about it that instantly makes me feel more stylish and polished.

I really enjoy styling these deep camel pants with just about anything, but I particularly like styling them with lighter tones. Styling them with a fluffy knit not only looks lovely, but it makes those pants work even harder for me.

On my feet, I have my suede ankle boots. The color fits perfectly and to say they’re comfy would be the understatement of the year.

Finding a pre-fall outfit for your style

5. Mix and match pre-fall outfit

Here we have my wild card mish-mash; a host of pieces that I’ve collected along the way that really suit my personal style.

Thinking about that transitional period and giving myself options, I’ve layered a black vest underneath a coffee sweater, loosely tucking it in at the front of some pleated linen pants. I’ve given them a turnout to add to that relaxed vibe, and then I’ve added a pair of distressed ankle boots.

The boots are brilliantly battered in that lovely lived-in fashion, and I love the boho essence that they add to an outfit.

Blazer and jeans pre-fall outfit

6. Trusty blazer

While summer might be my favorite season, there is something quite exciting about getting to integrate with my lovely blazers again. They’re just easy fixes when you’re not sure what to wear or what the weather will do.

Here, I’m making good use of this military-style blazer. It’s very structured as I went true to size, and it’s one of those pieces that I think I’ll have forever. To contrast with that polish, I’ve gone nice and chilled on my bottom half with my girlfriend jeans.

Continuing that super-chilled everyday feel, I’m wearing a pair of distressed sneakers.

Tonal trend pre-fall outfit

7. Tonal trend

I couldn’t do a pre-fall lookbook and not include at least one tonal look. Here I’ve gone for white jeans, an oversized linen shirt, taupe pointed flats, and a sprinkle of deep navy with my sweater over my shoulders.

My leather purse in a two-tone camel is the finishing touch here. I really like the mixing of textures, from the fluffy alpaca of my sweater to the linen, leather, and denim. It adds interest and detail subtly, which is something that I try hard to achieve.

Pre-fall outfits tutorial

I really enjoyed styling these pre-fall outfit ideas for this lookbook. Transitional weather has a tendency to throw a real spanner in the works, so thinking about all eventualities with the weather will definitely stand you in good stead.

Let me know which was your favorite outfit in the comments.

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    I really loved them all. You did an amazing job putting them all together. Now I'm really excited to get into my wardrobe to refresh my mind with what I have for fall and how I can mix it with what I'm wearing now for great new pre-fall outfits. Thanks.👍❤️