Steal Griselda’s Style

If you’re a fan of mob crime dramas, female boss stories, or ‘70s and ‘80s fashion, you need to put Netflix’s “Griselda” on your watch list. The series follows real-life “Godmother” drug “Queen Pin” Griselda Blanco during her reign in Miami from 1978 to when she was arrested in 1985.

While Griselda is no role model, the period when she did her deeds was certainly one of stylish excess.

Best known for the "Modern Family" series, actress Sofia Vergara is outstanding in her portrayal of Griselda, though her version may be slightly more glamorous than real life. Nonetheless, the fashion in the series is an aspiration for that late disco-era Mobster lifestyle.

Here are some essentials for Griselda style.

Wrap Dress

The wrap dress was a staple of the 1970s thanks to designer Diane von Furstenberg, who invented a cut that could go from practical day wear to sexy evening wear. The look is prominent for Griselda, as she’s seen in a wrap dress more than once. The look has transcended from the ‘70s to today and can be easily found in stores and from DVF herself. Don't forget a clutch purse, which was also a favorite of Griselda.  Shop wrap dress.


When you’re raking in millions as a drug lord, you’re going to show off the glam in some metallic eveningwear. Griselda wears several shimmering metallics in her romps through the nightlife of Miami in the ‘70s and early ‘80s as she rules the scene and fuels the parties with her cocaine samples. (We recommend partying in metallic sans the drugs.)  Shop metallic dress.

Blouses with Sheen

The 1970s were all about those classic polyester blouses with a disco sheen and billowing sleeves. You can find something similar in more modern fabrics. Look for silk or satin with a bit of shine to them. Pair it with boot-cut jeans ala Griselda’s baseball bat scene or a pencil skirt for boss lady vibes.  Shop blouse.

Now that you know how to steal Griselda’s style, will you watch the series and try the looks?

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