The Black Dress

by Style.devine

The Black dress is an essential in every women’s wardrobe.

And let’s be honest it doesn’t have to be a “little” black dress it can be a maxi, midi, or mini dress.

I have way too many black dresses to even count, but I wanted to write a post about how they can vary and why you need more than your average “ little black dress”.

Some of my top tips for finding a black dress that looks stylish is make sure you are looking for the details in the dress.

It could be a puff sleeve, a collar or a detail in the neckline. Try to avoid anything that doesn’t provide a shape on your body. A simple black dress is one of the worst outfit choices, because it can look like you really have no idea what to wear so you wore a black dress. 

You need to choose the black dress not let it choose you. Because we all know there is a HUGE difference!

So look for the details, pick a great cut in the dress and finally make sure you accessorize it!

A chunky necklace, headband or some amazing shoes! Just make sure you have fun with another element of your outfit. 

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