I Tried All of American Eagle's Curvy Jeans So You Don't Have To!

Taren Denise
by Taren Denise

Welcome to my American Eagle haul/review/try-on of some denim. Recently American Eagle expanded their denim jeans size range all the way up to a size 24. So every single pair of jeans that they have, you can get up to a size 24.

With such a big range of styles, it can be a little overwhelming what to choose, so what I did was I went to the curvy jeans section on the website, and that way, it narrowed down the different styles. There are six total styles in the curvy jeans section. I purchased one of each type, and I ordered some different sizes. I got a 20, some in size 22, and a couple in size 24 so that I could give a full review based on what I think and my measurements, what size works best for me. For reference, I am 5’8. I also purchased all of these when there was a buy one get one half off sale. So six pairs of jeans (with tax, shipping was free) cost me a total of $269.28. Had they been full price, it would have been a little bit more pricey than that. Just bear that in mind, their jeans are a little bit expensive, the regular price maybe $60 or so, but if you hit them when they’re having a sale, then you’re good to go!

I’m going to start with my favorite pair of jeans and then work my way down.

American Eagle mom jeans curvy

The Curvy Highest-Rise Jegging

The first ones are distressed, ripped jeans. These are in a size 20. I got these in long because I am 5’8, so I wanted to see if being 5’8 made a difference in the length or if I am an average size according to their length standards. These are in a light wash, obviously a lot of distressing. I really like the distressing at the ankle; I think that it is really cute. These are absolutely adorable; I love everything about them. I have nothing negative to say about them. The size 20 fit like a dream. I mean - phenomenal.

American Eagle curvy high-waisted jeans

The Curvy Highest Rise Flair in Bold Black

The next pair we have are black. I got these in a 22 long. I specifically got these in a long because flair jeans for me I think are so cute if you wear them with wedges, so I wanted them to be long enough to wear with wedges, and they absolutely were. These jeans surprised me and what I really like about them is that they have buttons all the way up as opposed to a button and a zipper. They are super high-waisted but fit perfectly. I love the flair on them. I will be keeping these because I don’t own a pair like this and I think that I’ll wear them a lot—the flair kind of evens out my body’s appearance.

Best American Eagle curvy jeans

The Curvy Mom Jean

This pair I need your help with because I kind of love them, but I kind of hate them. This pair I got in a size 22. They’re high-waisted and fitted around the waist and the hips, but then they’re a little bit baggy in the legs - not skin tight. They’re not long; they come above the ankle, so they’re a little bit different for me. I love the distressing on them - it’s not actual holes, fabric is behind them, so you’re not showing any skin, and I like this. But I can’t decide - do they look terrible or are they amazing?

Curvy jeans American Eagle

High Rise Skinny

Let’s move on to a pair of dark wash. I got these in plain dark, no distressing because I think that these are great for work. These in a size 24 long. I wanted to see how all of the sizes work for me. These fit too, they’re a little bit looser than I would like in skinny jeans, but they do fit - there is nothing about them that is too baggy. These jeans are made of a really soft material. They’re not super tight at the ankle, but they are tapered ankle. These are a little bit too long for me, which means that I would need a regular length, but they’re nice. These jeans are fab quality.

American Eagle curvy skinny jeans

Curvy Highrise Jegging 

I got this pair in size 22. When I think of jeggings, I think of leggings fit, but jean material, and that’s exactly what these are. These jeans button all the way up. What I think is cute about these is that they have a little bit of cut-out slit on the ankle. These come above my ankle, so I’m not sure if I would have needed the long because I like how they look on me. These fit really comfortably. All of the jeans say next-level stretch, and I believe it because they hug you. They fit perfectly!

Stretch curvy mom jeans American Eagle

The Curvy Super High Rise Jegging

And the very last pair of jeans. I think that these were only last on my list because I need them in a different size. These are white, and I got them in a size 24, regular length. They have no distressing or anything on them. They are tapered at the bottom. I think they would be cuter if they were turned up at the bottoms, but that’s just how I like to wear my white denim. These I tried on with a pair of dark underwear, and you couldn’t see through, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking for a pair of white denim that won’t be see-through, then this might be your absolute best bet. Again it has that super stretch quality in it. I would have liked these more if they were a size or two smaller.

There are lots of different types of jeans out there. I hope that my American Eagle review will help you to choose what style you’ll go for next. So what do you think - yes to the mom jeans or no?

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  • Lolo Lolo on Mar 09, 2021

    no on the mom jeans..they just look sloppy while the other high rise jeggings look cute and trendy

  • Roxxi Roxxi on Mar 17, 2021

    I'm going to agree with Lolo's comment above. If you could go a size down ~ maybe ? I didn't notice the "baggie-ness" until I read your caption. I like EVERY pair on you. I just want to say Good for you sharing plus size & the #'s. Very happy I read this the whole way through. Thanks Taren.