Seven Outfits for Seven Days: Blue Jeans

by Masha

In this tutorial, I will be showing you seven ways you can wear blue jeans for each day of the week. A simple pair of jeans are such a staple piece to any wardrobe, and this style tutorial will show you how you can get the most out of them. I’m using a pair of straight-cut turnup jeans in a medium blue, but if you prefer a different type of jeans, you can substitute them in instead.

Style blue jeans


First up, I paired the jeans with a white chiffon blouse. The blouse has a wide, open neckline, so I added a chain necklace and two pendant necklaces which gives the look a splash of character. I love how loose and drapey the blouse is at the front, giving it a laid-back and relaxed feel. On my feet, I’m wearing some beautiful black snakeskin print heels. 

How to style blue jeans


This outfit is for those ladies who love denim on denim. The denim jacket creates quite a formless silhouette, so I’ve counterbalanced this by highlighting my waistline with a belt. The belt has a gorgeous overlapping circle feature on it. If you want a bit of a style challenge, you could always try to recreate this look using two different shades of denim/

Blue jeans style


This outfit is super super simple. I paired blue jeans with a black t-shirt. I’m also wearing the same black high-heels as the previous looks to elevate the casual look and give it a bit of oomph. Effortless yet striking.

Styling blue jeans


This look starts the same as the previous one, but I changed up the heels to white sneakers for something a bit more relaxed. To elevate the look, I added a black biker jacket and a snakeskin print mini-bag. I love how the bag makes the outfit interesting and adds a little bit of edge to it.

How to wear blue jeans


A white t-shirt and blue jeans are always a perfect match, no matter what color or style of jeans you go for. I’m wearing a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, and I didn’t even add a belt; I just kept the look very minimalist. I kept my accessories very subtle with a snazzy ring, simple earrings, and a belly ring. For shoes, I’m wearing a pair of tennis sneakers for a comfy, everyday feel.


Here we have a very minimalist look. This is the same as the last outfit just with a jean jacket thrown on top. I also turned the t-shirt back to front for a plain white look. To complete the look, I added a cute mini-bag. Sometimes the most fashionable outfits are the simplest.


For the last outfit, I’ve gone for a deep burgundy sweater that goes so well with almost any color of jeans. I added red ankle books for that little pop of color and also a brown leather belt around my waist to cinch it in. This is a look that really allows color to be at the forefront and make an impact.

And those are our seven looks. I hope you like them and they give you some style inspiration. Really this is only a drop in the ocean of how many ways you can style blue jeans; I could easily put together another seven. Jeans are so versatile, and you really can get away with wearing them day after day by pairing them with different pieces to create different looks.

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  • Tammy Tammy on Jun 07, 2021

    Love it. I am a jeans kind of person, so I love the combo you put together.