Basics: How to Style High-Waisted Jeans

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

Styling high-waisted jeans are a must-know when it comes to style! Whether they’re light wash, dark, shorts, or anything else, how you style them is super important. Grab your denim, grab your tops and accessories and let’s get styling.

Styling high-waisted jeans

Keep it casual

For the first look, I paired regular blue jeans with a cute turquoise bralette. Next, I added a cute pair of animal print heels to complete the look. For a little more coverage you can always throw on a blazer (as pictured above). Remember, style comes down to your preference! 

How to style high-waisted jeans

Black and blouse

With a pair of black jeans, it’s always fun to add a little color. I decided to go with this oversized purple blouse that I tucked into one side. Get creative with the top, freestyle it! Next, I added a pair of red heels and some fun accessories. I went with a bag and a pair of cute sunglasses. 

Easy high-waisted jeans style

Dark on dark 

Too often people are scared to experiment with dark on dark. However, when done right it can look great. I chose a dark blue pair of jeans and paired them with an oversized black blouse. Next, I tied the blouse, rolled up the sleeves, and opened a couple of buttons. Finally, I added the red heels for a pop of color and a bag, and some shades to finish.  

Basic high-waisted jeans style

Beauty in blue

When rocking some lighter jeans, I like to have a dark top. This keeps the look edgy and sexy. Perfect for a night out. This crop top could definitely have a blazer or some other kind of overlay if you’re looking to wear this outfit to a meeting. It’s extremely versatile. This time, I decided to add a royal blue blazer. The color helps the outfit stand out while still giving more coverage. To finish the outfit, I added a pair of black heels and my trusty sunglasses. 

Red, white, and blue

For a more casual, daytime look, I paired the same light wash jeans with a plain white t-shirt. (T-shirts are a wardrobe essential!) I tied a small knot by my waist to accentuate it and paired the outfit with plain, white, canvas sneakers. Next, I threw a red blazer over the look for comfort, coverage, and style! 

Shirts with shorts

For my last look, I wanted to show you guys how I style denim shorts. For a chic and summer look, I went with some dark wash shorts and the same oversized, purple blouse from earlier. I love shorts and wear them all the time. I half-tucked the top into my pants and finished the outfit off with a bucket hat and the same canvas sneakers as before. 

I’d love to hear how you guys style your jeans and which example was your favorite. These basic high-waisted jeans style looks are easy to emulate and make your own. Use my looks as a template to find your own favorites! 

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  • Luna Luna on Jul 15, 2021

    Fortunately, the half tucked trend will be gone in a couple of months, just like most other ridiculous trends before it.