4 Activewear Street Style Looks You Can Rock Outside the Gym

Josy Bun
by Josy Bun

Have you embraced the athleisure trend yet? If you haven’t, it’s time you did. In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you some activewear street style looks.

This aesthetic is perfect for bringing that sporty, athletic vibe into your everyday wear. Just because you’re not working out, you can still rock those gym clothes.

How to style activewear

1. Matching set

This outfit is a co-ord, and I feel like the easiest way to style athletic wear is to have a matching set. I went ahead and paired this set with a white ribbed tank top underneath the green textures jacket.

With that, I’ve paired a black denim jacket. This one is nice because it is thin, so it’s not competing with the super-thin material of the athletic wear jacket.

I really like how these look together, and I love the green hood poking out from the black denim; they definitely complement each other. 

Styling activewear for outside the gym

Can we also just talk about the texture of this outfit - this is unreal. I styled the outfit with these vintage clip-on green earrings in the same color and some high-top sneakers.

How to wear activewear

2. Biker shorts

This leopard-print sports top is stunning and looks so good with these basic black bike shorts. 

How to wear activewear to the office

I styled the outfit with vintage white hoop earrings, an amazing blazer, and some white sneakers. This is like a corporate gymnast; I don’t know what to call this outfit except for amazing.

I would wear this out 100%, and I think the goal of this is to get the most out of my workout wear when I’m not actually working out.

How to wear activewear everyday

3. Baseball jacket

I am reliving my Twilight fantasy from age 13 in this outfit. This outfit was really fun to style because I have had this vintage Brooklyn baseball shirt forever; it’s an actual baseball shirt from a long time ago.

I have paired it, true to baseball fashion, with just a white turtleneck sweater underneath and some black mesh leggings. I like them because they are full coverage, but they still offer some coolness for those hot summer days with that mesh on the bottom.

On-trend athleisure outfit with chunky boots

I paired this outfit with my slightly heeled chunky boots to finish off.

How to style a mesh top

4. Mesh top

This last look is great for athletic streetwear; I think this is such a fun take on it.

I paired this fully mesh top with a denim jacket that has shearling inside. It is so toasty and warm and looks great with the rest of the outfit. Underneath the jacket, I have the full mesh top over a sports bra. 

Activewear street style

On my feet, I have a pair of high-top Adidas sneakers. A pair of metallic sheeny leggings finish off the look.

This is something that I would wear to the gym, but I think that adding the jacket and fun shoes and accessories makes this more of a streetwear look than a gym look.

Activewear street style tutorial

I hope this lookbook has given you some inspiration for how to style activewear. Activewear isn’t just limited to the gym, but rather you can incorporate it into your everyday style for a trendy and sporty look.

Let me know which was your favorite look in the comments below.

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