Check Out the Different Outfits I’ve Been Wearing This Fall

by Inspiroue

As we get into the fall, the weather has been super weird. Some days it’s hot, the next day it’s chilly, and it can be really hard to figure out what to wear every day. So I decided to throw together a quick tutorial of different outfits I’ve been wearing lately to hopefully give you some ideas of what to wear yourself. Most of these clothing items are thrifted, and also basic items that you probably already have some version of, anyway! Check out my website for more sustainable fashion inspiration.

Fall outfits
Eileen Fisher coat

My first go-to outfit is this Eileen Fisher felted wool coat, which is perfect for when it starts to get colder. The tent-style dress I’m wearing under it is also from EF, and I just love the way these pieces look together. Completing the look are these sock-booties that I have had forever. 

Cute fall outfits
Swap out the coat for a trench

This outfit is so versatile, that it looks just as good with this basic tan trench coat. The dress is so chic, and the flowy look is just so flattering. This trench coat is the better option for when it’s a bit warmer outside, as the wool jacket is a lot more fitted to colder weather. 

Fall outfits for women
Military jumpsuit

This next outfit is a military-style jumpsuit that I got from a small family-owned shop in Toronto. It’s so fun and effortless. I literally just toss it on and I am done. To keep it casual, I like to pair this jumpsuit with my white sneakers. This outfit is definitely a go-to. 

Casual fall outfits
Jumpsuit with a cardigan

Another go-to piece for me is this black jumpsuit. It’s perfect for a night out and can easily be dressed up or down. For this outfit, I dressed it down with a casual cardigan that I’m so excited about. I’ve actually had this cardigan for a long time, but never wore it because it had a broken button. I fixed the button, though, and I love the way the color looks with my skin tone!

Easy fall outfits
Jumpsuit with a jacket

Another reason I love the black jumpsuit is because it’s just so versatile! I’ve also been wearing it under this brown Eileen Fisher jacket with some old loafers, and I absolutely love the vibe. 

How to style for fall
Leather pants

These thrifted leather trousers are one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. I like wearing them with a body-hugging long sleeve t-shirt. When the weather is a bit cooler, I just throw on my classic trench and I’m ready to go. 

Quick fall outfits
Wear it with a cropped hoodie

For a casual vibe, I like to pair the same leather pants with a cropped hoodie. Sometimes I tuck the sweater into the waistband to give it more shape, but I also don’t mind the somewhat-boxy look it has when it’s not tucked in. White sneakers are my shoes of choice for this casual outfit. 

How to style outfits effortlessly
White button-down shirt

For a more pulled-together look, I like to wear the leather pants with a white button-down shirt. So if I have a meeting or something, this is the outfit you might find me in. This particular shirt is an organic cotton one by Eileen Fisher and I love combining the A-line of the shirt with the straight-leg of the pants. 

Fashionable fall outfits
White shirt with khakis

If I’m going for a lighter color scheme, I’ll keep the white button-down but swap out the black leather pants for these khaki ones. I wear this outfit with either my loafers or my white sneakers and love both those looks. Sometimes I tuck half of the shirt in for that cooler vibe. 

Basic fall outfits
Joggers and crop top

These base-range joggers and black crop top have been my absolute favorite base outfit. It looks great on its own with sandals or under my trench coat with my sock-booties. I’ve been tucking the ends of the pants into the boots and love the elongated look it gives me. Sometimes I’ll wear the outfit with white sneakers instead. Literally, it goes with everything. 

Casual autumn outfits
Joggers and a hoodie

On a lazy day, I’ll throw on the joggers and my cropped hoodie. The joggers are high-waisted so I get the lazy sweats feel without the lazy sweats vibe. 

Favorite fall outfits
Shorts and a sweatshirt

Lastly, is this casual outfit I’ve been wearing when I just have to run out for a quick errand. I often wear it with a baseball cap and my mask, so my face is hidden anyway. The biker shorts and sneakers are super comfortable, and the crewneck is a brand that supports Black artists, so I’m a fan. 

Favorite autumn outfits

I hope this tutorial gave you some ideas of outfits you can throw together even when the weather is weird like this. Like I said, most of these clothing items are basic pieces that you may already have in some version. Also, most of these items are thrifted, so keep that in mind before you run out to buy anything new! You know me, I’m all about that minimalist life. I’d love to know what your go-to outfit has been this season, so drop a pic in the comments! 

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