Overalls Are Back!

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Isn't is funny how all the styles from when you were a kid slowly start to come back but just in a different way? I'm seeing this happen a lot lately. Some styles I am all for and others, well not so much. Let's just say you will not catch me in platform sandals, you know the ones from the 2000's, anytime soon! I will say though, that I am all for how rompers have turned into cozy and casual outfits and how that has given way for overalls to come back. Check out this very neutral outfit I put together today when I needed to run a few errands. It's now one of my favorite go-to casual summer outfits!

I love how you can wear overalls with one strap snapped in or two. This outfit is the ultimate causal quick go-to outfit when you don't want to wear sweats but want to be comfortable and still look like you put some thought into what you were wearing.

Typically, I tend to go for the "both straps snapped" look because it is just my A-type personality where I need everything to be in place, ha! Typically, I have seen this outfit paired with a white tank top underneither but to be honest, it was laundry day today and all I had available was a black tank top. I have to say I love how it came out and all came together.

I kept this outfit very simple and only added a pair of white adidas sneakers and I love how easy and casual the whole look is.

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