How to Wear a Teal Suit

by Masha

I’m going to show you a multitude of different ways to style a teal suit. So often, when it comes to wearing bold colors, we tend to play it safe and pair them with blacks, whites, and neutrals. I’m here to show you how you can wear color with color and make it look fabulous.

Style green


I decided to start off with neutrals. I’ve paired the suit with a black lace crop top. Since black is basic, the outfit looks balanced and bold at the same time. If you’re not comfortable showing so much skin, you can go for a black turtleneck instead, which also looks very stylish. 

Style green clothes

Style green clothing


This outfit is for ladies who love florals. I chose this black flowy blouse. It adds a romantic vibe to the suit, and the pattern makes a strong impact yet doesn’t look overpowering.

Styling green clothes


You can’t go wrong with a simple white top. I’m wearing a white turtleneck top in this outfit, which is an essential piece that you can wear with anything. With the suit, it looks simple yet crisp and stylish.

Styling green clothing

Medium Blue

Now we’re moving onto the colorful combinations. Green and blue are neighbors on the color wheel and always go well together. In this outfit, I’m wearing a blue sleeveless blouse. The simple trick of wearing blue and green together is to concentrate on the shades and always opt for color contrast.

How to style green

Light Blue

Light blue is a cool color that has the potential to invoke tranquility, and that’s what it does in this outfit. It creates a soft and relaxed aesthetic. 

How to style green clothes

Light Blue T-shirt

This outfit is based on the same color combination as before, but I wanted to show you that the outfit can be less formal with a t-shirt. I like how this t-shirt has a mix of different shades of blue that all go very well together.

How to style green clothing


The combination of yellow and green in outfits is similar to the blue and green - a bold yet balanced look that is based on analogous colors. This is a really vivid color combination that looks cohesive at the same time.

Pastel Yellow

For a softer take on this color, opt for a pastel yellow. Compared to the brighter shade of yellow, the pastel shade looks calmer and more relaxed. 


This outfit is for those ladies who love to look casual yet stylish. I’ve paired the suit with a beige t-shirt which has a neon yellow print on it. Since beige is a neutral color, this outfit looks balanced, and the little pop of neon makes it interesting and cute. I also switched my black heels (that I’ve been wearing until now) to chunky white sneakers for a relaxed look.


Here I love the contrast between the light shade of lilac and the dark shade of teal. Contrasting shades is another important thing to consider when matching colors together.


Here I’ve paired the green suit with a mauve frilly top. They go very well together because, as you can see on the color wheel, they are opposite one another and, therefore, complementary colors. This is the perfect outfit for champagne and oysters!

Monochrome 1

A head-to-toe green look is another wonderful option. Here I added a sweater in a gentle pistachio color. This outfit is pretty minimalist and simple. The loose shape of the blazer complements the relaxed fit of the suit perfectly.

Monochrome 2

Here I’ve continued to experiment with a monochromatic color scheme, and I’m wearing a sweater in a forest green shade. 


I love neon colors, and I love that this neon-green t-shirt has a touch of purple since it makes the outfit interesting. The dark shade of the suit frames the bright neon really well.


This is probably the riskiest combination as both colors are statement shades, but I think that they bounce off one another and create an unconventional look that works.


Here I’ve teamed a bright neon orange with the teal suit. It’s another bold and risky combination. You could opt for a pastel shade of orange, which would tone it down a bit.


Lastly, for something completely different, here is an out-the-box way to style the suit jacket. Simply belt it and wear it with a pair of polka dot tights and some high boots. This creates a crisp, minimalist look that is very trendy.

Now you know all about how to match colors with one another. There are so many options out there for combining colors, so step out of your comfort zone and don’t just play it safe!

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  • EllenWhitehead EllenWhitehead on Apr 13, 2024

    I wanted to get one, but I thought that it's gonna be a thing that I wore once, and that's it. So many variations!

  • BillySantos BillySantos on Apr 13, 2024

    Your tips on styling a teal suit are so helpful! I've always admired the boldness of colorful suits, but I've never been quite sure how to pull them off. Recently, I managed to snag a stunning emerald green suit, and I'm excited to give it a go. Your advice to mix colors instead of just sticking to neutrals is a game-changer for me. It's inspiring me to think outside the box and try some new looks that I wouldn't have considered before. I can't wait to experiment and see what stylish combinations I can come up with.