An Affordable Lounge Set

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

The weather is starting to get cooler soon and what sounds better than a comfortable lounge set? I found this awesome one at a great price at Target and here are three reasons why I think you will like it too!

This lounge set is in two separate pieces. The top that is a sweatshirt and the bottom that is sweatpants. Both feel like they are fleece lined and incredibly comfortable. This is something I would wear around the house or out to run errands.

This set is so affordable. The top and bottoms are $20 each and there are a bunch of different colors to choose from. Each color option is great because they are all colors that will be trending colors this Fall. Target never disappoints with affordable finds!

I love how easily you can play around with the different styling options of this set. You can wear both the top and bottom together or you can wear them separately. I am a huge fan of versatility when it comes to my clothes and this set is exactly that!

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