How to Turn Your Home Loungewear Into Streetwear

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

With the COVID-induced, stay-at-home lifestyles of the past year, we are spending more time than ever in casual loungewear. Besides getting dressed up for the occasional Zoom meeting, it's rare that I'm wearing anything but a basic t-shirt and loose-fitting yoga pants.

But there are times when I need to run out of the house to grab groceries or do an errand. Does that really call for getting dressed up? No, but I can turn my comfy lounge clothes into a passable streetwear look by throwing some easy pieces over it.

Here's how to turn your home loungewear into streetwear.

Basic At-Home Loungewear

This is my basic at-home look – a black t-shirt and loose-fitting black yoga pants. It's quite funny for me because when I dress-to-impress, I usually wear a lot of color. But at home, it's all black. It's easy, I don't have to make any decisions about it, and it all matches. It also makes a great base to layer on top of if I need to step out for any reason.

Look 1 – Denim Jacket and Sneakers

If I want to look somewhat more presentable than what I wear around the house, a denim jacket and kicks are an easy grab. This vintage jacket and my bright yellow Chuck Taylor high tops make a cool statement, and it didn't take much fuss. The goal here is to add some effortless style so you don't, ah-hem, look like you just rolled out of bed.

Look 2 – A Button-Down Shirt and Flats

For a look that's a bit more polished, a classic button-down shirt is a go-to. Put a crisp white shirt over your house tee and some simple flats in a basic color or fun print, and you've got a classic stylish look.

Look 3 – Cardigan Sweater and Booties

Almost every girl I know keeps a few cardigans in their closet to put on in heavily air-conditioned settings or take the chill off in spring and fall. It's a basic that works well over your house clothes too. It can also serve to add a bright, cheerful color to your everyday wear, such as this sunny yellow sweater I have on here. Booties ground the look a bit more for streetwear style.

So just because you need to step out of the house doesn't mean you have to do a full get-ready ritual. We've all forgotten that routine, thanks to the pandemic. But you can look more put-together by throwing on a few staples you probably already have in your closet to turn your home loungewear into streetwear and create a "look" instead of walking around in public in what you slept in. Yeah, I woke up like this!

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