Dress Your Best - 5 Printed Pants Style You Will Adore

Brooke Bakken
by Brooke Bakken

Printed pants- you either love ‘em or hate ’em. For those who are not fans and prefer to stay within their comfort zone, you are going to love them after watching my printed pants style tutorial! We are going to start with the basic, subtler looks and work our way through to the bolder and daring printed pants. Styling printed pants have never been easier! Let’s get our print on!

Style printed pants

Look 1

Let’s start with the first pair; denim and white stripes. I wore a simple v-neck pocket tee in white. I did this to elevate the white color in the pants so that it stands out and matches accordingly. I’m also a sucker for white sneakers and so I thought it would be great to finish off this look as it also elevates the color in the pants. This outfit is simple, casual, and the stripes add an extra element of style.

Styling printed pants

Look 2

Let’s get a lovely black and white mix here. Here I am wearing a fun, black tee with black and white gingham pants. The printed pants are high-waisted and I tucked in my tee to show off this beautiful, classic print. I added a modern twist to this print by wearing a pair of Sorel Kinetic sneakers. How cool is this look? I love mixing black and white, and better yet, I love mixing classic and sporty items. They make a good fit!

Basic printed pants style

If you feel like keeping it formal, feel free to wear heels with this look. I opted for a pair of black chunky heels, and as you can see, just changing the shoes alone, already transforms this outfit into something more classy.

Easy printed pants style

Look 3

This look is an inspired army style! I personally think every woman should own a pair of army pants as they literally can save you on days where you feel you have nothing to wear. Army pants can go with so many colors and I will show you my least dominant color that goes great with these printed pants- sage. Here I wore a lovely sage-colored spaghetti strap top. It goes great with the undertones of the army pants.

Women’s printed pants

I took this look to the next level and decided to throw on my black leather jacket. Doesn’t this outfit look awesome? I paired this with my chunky black heels. 

Women’s printed pants style

If casual is your thing, then go ahead and wear a basic white tee. Having something basic will draw attention to the print and won’t look ‘too much’ or messy. I tucked my shirt in to give it more of a trendy feel. You can either style this look with black heels but my absolute favorite pair would be the classic Timberland boot. It really just takes the style up a notch. 

Printed pants and leather jacket

Top up your casual look with a leather jacket- again, it’s an amazing essential item to have as it goes with just about everything.

Printed floral pants

Look 4

Let’s be a little bolder! I wore a lovely pair of corduroy floral pants, and they are my ultimate favorites. They have a nice big flare at the bottom and seriously, these pants speak for themselves. All you need is to match them with a monotone sweater and you are good to go! Here, I paired these pants with a creamy oat knit sweater. The floral print on the pants themselves has a lovely cream color and so this color combo works fantastic! Because of the neutral tones, I decided to pair these with some brown heels. How amazing is this look?

Beautiful printed corduroy pants

Here’s an up-close and personal look at the lovely detail.

Black and white printed pants

Look 5

This is my favorite black and white look. I love these printed pants so much, they have lovely white studs on them. I decided to pair this with a simple v-neck, white t-shirt. These pants are super long and they flare, so the best shoe choice is a pair of black, chunky heels for added height. I must confess, I love all black outfits but because the white studs on the pants were so small, I really wanted to bring those out by wearing a white top. What do you think of the final look?

Delicate printed pants design

Here’s a close look at these white studded printed beauties! 

There you have it, ladies, 5 dazzling looks you can create with printed pants. Next time you decide against purchasing a pair, use this style guide as inspiration. You really can look amazing with printed pants, and these looks are all an easy printed pants style. There’s nothing to it! 

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