5 Comfy & Casual Air Force 1 Outfits That Also Look Stylish

Chrissie Milan
by Chrissie Milan

Today, I am going to show you how to style Nike Air Force 1s. These sneakers are my staples, they’re my favorite pair of shoes, and I’m just obsessed with them. Here are five Air Force 1 outfits that I’ve put together. I hope they give you some inspiration for how to wear your Air Force 1s.

How to wear Air Force 1 shoes

I have here a white pair in the Pixel design. They have ridges on the soles and cute gold details on the ends of the laces. The best thing about them being white is they’re just so clean and crisp! So don’t go stepping into any puddles when you’re wearing them!

Air Force 1 outfit with a matching set

1. Matching set with Air Force 1s

First up, I decided to pair a matching set with the sneakers. It’s a baggy hoodie and some cycling shorts in a washed brown color. I’m wearing a simple white vest underneath, and this outfit ticks all the boxes.

To accessorize, I’ve added some gold jewelry which is always a staple for me in general. Gold is a neutral color, but it also adds a bit of bling to your look. This is a very cute casual look that makes you look like you didn’t try, but you kind of did.

Air Force 1 outfit with a hoodie and jeans

2. Hoodie and jeans with Air Force 1s

For look number two I kept the hoodie and I paired it with some long straight jeans that have a little flair at the bottom that really adds something special. You can easily make this look a bit more trendy by adding a cute bag and some jewelry.

Air Force 1 outfit with flared joggers

3. Flared joggers with Air Force 1s

Here, I decided to go for some flared joggers. They are such an essential piece in my wardrobe and I love how they fall over the sneakers and swish about as you walk.

I’ve paired the joggers with a white asymmetrical vest with two straps going over one shoulder and none on the other; it’s such a neat design. This outfit is very minimal, yet sleek and timeless. I could so see myself wearing this 15 years from now and still loving it.

Air Force 1 outfit with a trench coat

4. Trench coat with Air Force 1s

I’m not a huge fan of coats, but trench coats I do like. They do the job of keeping you warm and they have such an iconic design. What’s more, trench coats and Air Forces together are totally a thing; together, they make a great pair.

You can throw a trench coat over any outfit, and it will instantly elevate what you’re wearing. That’s exactly what I’ve done here; I styled my shoes with the white strappy top and my cropped blue jeans. The crop in the jeans balances out the long length of the trench coat. 

All-black Air Force 1 outfit

5. All black outfit with Air Force 1's

Lastly, we have an all-black leather-on-leather look. I love the oversized masculine leather jacket. To make the outfit a bit more feminine, I decided to wear leather leggings. This is one of those outfits when you don’t want to think about what to wear and just want to throw something on.

Wearing a black monochrome look is an easy way to look stylish and put together. Of course, the white sneakers contrast perfectly with this outfit and provide a pop of freshness. 

Air Force 1 outfits

Those are five outfits that you can wear with Air Force 1’s. I think that Air Forces are a universal shoe: they are so classic and easy to style. They are an essential part of my wardrobe, and after trying them on, I think they’ll become an essential part of yours too.

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