8 Cute Summer Outfits With Sneakers

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You probably have a pair of cute sneakers laying around in your closet.

I’m going to show you a few ways to cleverly style cute summer outfits with sneakers all while shopping your own closet.


The first pair is classic, white chunky sneakers.

The second pair are textured sneakers with a vintage vibe.


Let’s style some sneakers!

1. The romantic dress

Sneakers can either ground a look or give it a sporty edge. Here, I’ve paired my classic white sneakers with this romantic dress.

It can be tricky to mix styles like this, but I think the chunkiness of the shoes balances out the dress. 

The romantic dress

The sneakers make the dress feel less “fussy” and you can try out this option with your own, romantic dress.

The other pair of sneakers, with texture and style, give more of a sporty edge rather than grounding the outfit.

You can feel the tension between the sporty shoes and the romantic dress.

The romantic dress

This purse goes harmoniously with the outfit because of the color and it’s relatively non-descript, keeping the focus on the sneaker.

The romantic dress

I decided to wear my hair up to match the sporty feel of the shoes. Wearing it down felt too “princessy”.

The romantic dress

2. Casual and polished

There’s already a lot going on with this look.

So, instead of the more formal slingbacks, I’ll pair it with the all-white, low-profile sneakers to ground the look.

Casual and polished

This outfit is more balanced because we have a few casual elements–the cut-off shorts and sneakers, mixed with the more polished top and blazer.

Casual and polished

3. Sneakers with pants

Another thing to consider is proportions.

Because sneakers hold so much visual weight, if you pair them with pants, I suggest that you choose a fit that’s off the body.

Sneakers with pants

There’s a lot more ease when you pair sneakers with a looser ankle, for example.

But, if you like wearing your skinny jeans with sneakers, you do you!

Sneakers with pants

The same pants work well with the sporty sneakers as well.

Sneakers with pants

4. The slip skirt (or dress)

The midi length can be hard to pull off when you have something chunky for your footwear.

This is where you just have to own it! Wear what you love and feel good in!

The slip skirt (or dress)

That being said, I don’t like when my leg is chopped up into too many bits.

So, when styling a midi, I like to make sure I have an off-the-body silhouette.

This way there’s enough body in the skirt to balance out the heavy sneakers.

The slip skirt (or dress)

I’ve gone with a monochromatic look, using white as my grounding color to give the appearance of elongated lines.

I’ve also kept the waist high to make my legs look nice and long.

I also like the look with the white sneakers. The fact that there’s more white in the outfit makes the sneakers less jarring.

The slip skirt (or dress)

5. The wide leg pant

I think the optimal proportion for these sneakers is a wide leg pant. I love how the sneaker can hold its own against such billowy, voluminous pants.

I went with the textured sneakers because the white ones here would look too stark. The clothing hardly has any texture, so the retro sneakers add that element.

The wide leg pant

Add a purse for more interest. 

The wide leg pant

5. Shorts

The shorts I chose flow off of the body to balance out the weight of the sneaker.

You could go with Bermuda shorts or even biker shorts to lean into the sporty vibe.


6. Skinny jeans

The easiest way to balance out the proportion of the hefty sneakers with skinny jeans is to make sure you have something voluminous or boxy on top.

This outfit would work for a chilly day or a summer evening. 

Skinny jeans

But, because I have so much solid white on the top, I prefer sneakers with more visual interest. 

Skinny jeans

7. The mini skirt

As with shorts, you don’t need to worry as much about balancing proportions here since the skirt shows a lot of leg.

This is feeling a little bit too basic though.

The mini skirt

With the patterned sneaker, the look is instantly more updated.

The mini skirt

8. Sneakers as a focal point

This is more of a styling hack than an overarching principle: If you keep the outfit monochromatic or try the “Canadian tuxedo”, you allow space for the sneakers to be the focal point.

I didn’t wear a belt so as not to detract from the sneakers. I even opted for a purse that’s in the same color palette as the denim. 

Sneakers as a focal point

Cute summer outfits with sneakers

I hope this tutorial gave you inspiration to shop your closet and create cute summer outfits with sneakers!

Feel free to share how you style your chunky sneakers in the comments below.

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