How to Tie Your Sneakers the Fashionable Way

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Try out this fashion hack to tie your shoes like a stylist! Just follow along with this easy tutorial that you’ll wish you’d stumbled upon sooner.

Bunny ears on sneakers can look busy and messy. We want to keep the laces looking neat to highlight the shoe instead of those laces.

Laced sneakers

1. At the last hole, thread the laces inward

Instead of tying your shoes the normal way, when you get to the last hole, thread the laces inward on either side.

Sneakers hack

2. Tuck 

Once you’ve done that on both sides, tuck the laces inside the shoe to hide them. 

Sneakers hack

Then put your shoes on and you have a neat, slip on look without the mess of bunny ear laces!

Sneakers hack

Sneakers fashion hack

Try out this fashion hack if you want a clean, stylized look to your favorite sneakers. Let me know what you think of this super simple hack in the comments section down below.

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