The Most Secure Way to Tie Your Swimsuit

It's swimsuit season. Alot of the bikini options out there are string bikinis when it comes to tying it for security. This is always tricky because one wrong move and now you're showing your goods to all the families at the neighborhood pool. If you have little girls then you know it's important to make sure their swimsuit is tied extra well so they can play in the pool and you don't have to worry.

This hack is not an alternative to wear your bikini top (though I have seen some of those hacks and they do look cool) but instead this is just a simple trick for tying your swimsuit.

This is the reel I made for my Instagram.

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Step one: tie a loop on each side of your swimsuit

Step two: thread the strings through the loop opposite of them

It won't come undone and looks less bulky.

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