My Favorite Shoes I Can't Stop Wearing This Summer

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

One of my favorite accessories when it comes to fashion is shoes. I have a good amount of them but so far this Summer I have found myself circling back to the same three pairs and I just can't get enough of them!

The first pair are nude square-toed heels that are really comfortable (believe it or not! icon ). The square-toed style made a comeback this Summer from last year and I am here for it! These have a smaller heel and I truly don't mind it especially being pregnant. They have been very easy going on my feet. I love the nude color as well because it pairs so nicely with so many different outfits.

The second pair are light-weight slip-on sneakers in a light pink color. The color is so much fun for Summer and I have been able to match them with more outfits than I originally thought especially because it seems like pastel-like colors have been very popular this season.

The last pair are flat sandals with a braided detail in an ivory color. Braided detail on shoes is a very popular trend this Summer season and I really love the look. These can be dressed up or down very easily and the ivory color helps them to pair with so many different outfits.

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  • Denise Denise on Jul 09, 2022

    I love all of these styles and I looked at the prices and they are very affordable too!! Good job! 😊