What to Wear With Keds Sneakers

For the longest time, Converse were my go to sneaker. I literally wore the 4 or 5 pairs of Converse I had into the ground. They had holes, they were dirty, and they were 7 years old. Needless to say, when I graduated college I didn’t bother bringing them home with me. They met their new best friend, the trashcan. As sad as it was back then, it lead to my new best friend, Keds sneakers.

Now this isn’t to say I won’t ever wear Converse every again (I’m actually on the hunt for a pair). I’ve just only bought Keds and Nikes since graduating. While I love my Nikes for comfort, they don’t exactly look the best with every outfit. Keds sneakers on the other hand are comfortable and look great with just about everything honestly. So today I wanted to share a few ways to style Keds just to prove that they really can be the perfect shoe with every outfit.

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How to Style Keds Sneakers with Everything

Name me an outfit. Go ahead, any outfit. A dress? A skirt? Shorts and a tee? Keep ’em coming. It doesn’t matter what outfit you’re thinking of right now, Keds sneakers can go with them all. I’m sharing 3 of my Keds styled with different outfits. Whether you’re looking to many an outfit more casual or add a fun print to it, Keds are the way to go. I’ve always loved styling a dress with sneakers. It was my go to in middle school and high school. It always makes me think of the line from Demi Lavato, “who says I can’t wear my Converse with my dress?” Especially when all I wore was Converse with a dress. Keds I think are simpler in design than Converse are and therefore I feel like they can go with more.

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