4 Easy Winter Flat Shoe Outfit Ideas

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Hi guys! I’m going to show you guys how to style winter flat shoes. It seems like flats are more associated with spring and summer, but you can definitely wear flats in the winter and create a great winter outfit.

I’m going to use a few pairs of my flats and create some fabulous winter looks to inspire you to experiment with flats during the winter months.

Neutral-colored flats

1. Nude or neutral-colored flats

Let’s start off with a pair of classic flats in a nude color. These are your typical everyday flats, in a neutral color and style.

I’m starting by pairing them with wide leg jeans. Something about the wide leg cut with flats dresses them up a little.

I’m wearing a big, solid color sweater. I’m a big fan of nude and earthy colors.

Try taking your most neutral pair of flats and dress them up with some wide leg jeans and a nice sweater.

Neutral-colored flats outfit

You can dress up the look more by adding accessories. I am using a dangling chain necklace.

For the outwear I’m adding a houndstooth print jacket. A pop of print with a pair of neutral flats will elevate the look.

Lastly, I’m adding a nude tote to finish off the look.

Pink knitwear flats

2. Pink knitwear flats

The next pair of shoes I’m going to style are a pair of light pink knitwear flats. I’m pairing them with faux leather pants and a pink sweater.

Pairing your flats with faux leather, or leather pants, gives it a nice dressed up touch. The sweater has some pom pom details, which also adds something to the look.

Pink knitwear flats outfit

For the outerwear option I’m adding a long tweed coat. The coat has a bit of the same colors as the pants, shoes and sweaters, which helps pull the look together. The material adds a nice pop that elevates the look.

Lastly, I’m adding a little black bag to finish off the look.

Try recreating this look for yourself with something similar from your closet.

Black loafers

3. Black loafers

The next pair of shoes I’m going to style is a pair of black loafers.

This is the kind of shoe that can be appropriate for any occasion and can be paired with anything.

I’m pairing them with a two-piece suit to show you how to give your flats a more dressed up look. 

Black loafers outfit

An outfit like this can work for the office or any event you have.

The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort with heels. I’m accessorizing with a large structured bag in black.

Check out my post on How to Style Loafers for more outfit ideas with this type of shoe!

Statement flats

4. Statement flats

The last pair of shoes I’m going to style are a pair of statement flats.

The black and white contrast really makes them stand out. They’re a bit trendier and more dressed up.

I’m pairing them with faux leather pants in teal, with a wide leg. I wanted to add a hint of color with the black and white shoe.

Statement flats outfit

For the top I added a two-piece camisole and cardigan set.

This look is dressed up in a subtle way. Details like the chain on the flats makes the look stand out.

For outerwear I’m adding a black and white houndstooth jacket to pull the look together.

Winter flat shoe outfit ideas

If you are a fan of flats there are so many different styles you can achieve. You can go more simple, like the first look I showed you. They were pretty neutral and didn’t have any real design statement.

Alternatively you can go for something a bit more fancy, with more of a statement like the black and white flats I showed you last.

Don’t sacrifice comfort thinking flats are not for winter. You can absolutely achieve the high end fashion look you desire with the right combination of flats, clothing and accessories.

I hope this inspired you to create some fun, winter flat looks. Which of the looks I created did you like the most? Tell me in the comments section.

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