4 Cute Pleated Skirt Outfits, From Athleisure to Preppy Vibes

Nomad Moda
by Nomad Moda

Short, stylish, and sexy, pleated mini-skirts hold a special space in my heart and my wardrobe. I have quite a collection of them, and in this short and sweet lookbook, I’m going to show you how to wear a pleated skirt with four cute pleated skirt outfits.

Pleated skirt outfit

1. Checkered

Checkered, tartan-style mini-skirts are a classic, and here I’ve gone for one in black and white. Black and white, as we all know, is super versatile, so there are many ways that I can style the skirt.

Here I’ve gone for a wraparound cropped tee and a pair of chunky sneakers, both in a crisp white. I’m also wearing black socks, which are just peeping out the top of my sneakers. It’s little details like that that can really make an outfit and pull different elements together.

Short pleated skirt outfit

Mini pleated skirt outfit

2. Tennis girl

This outfit gives me sporty chic, tennis girl vibes all over. I’m wearing a pleated mini-skirt in soft pastel green and have paired it with a one-shoulder Adidas top.

On my feet, I have a pair of Converse-style sneakers (they’re actually Vans), which are sporty enough to fit into my athleisure look but are also really funky and on-trend.

Outfits with short pleated skirts

How to wear a pleated skirt

3. Preppy

Here I’m wearing a checkered mini-skirt, and I’ve paired it with a lilac backpack to create a preppy aesthetic. If you look closely, you’ll see that the skirt also has lilac lines on it that are exactly the same tone as the bag, and this creates a really coordinated look.

Because the skirt is patterned, I wanted to leave the top quite plain and simple, so I went for a plain black vest. I have my black Vans on my feet again, and I love the detail they have on them.

Cute pleated skirt outfits

4. Golf girl

Last up, another outfit with sporty, athleisure vibes. This time, I could so see myself playing golf in this outfit. Here I’m wearing a white pleated mini-skirt and a lavender t-shirt with a collar and a deep-v neckline. I have a woven-straw bag to finish it off and add a bit of texture to the look. Just pass me my putter, and I’m ready to go!

To bring all these looks into the fall season, you can add tights and pair them with boots to give you a bit more warmth. 

Cute pleated skirt outfits

Those are my four looks for how to style a short pleated skirt. My top styling tip is to have a think about the mood and vibe you want to create with your clothes and go from there. I hope that you liked the outfits that I put together and they gave you some inspiration.

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