How to Style a Skirt as a Dress

Kelsey Reese
by Kelsey Reese

Hello! My name is Kelsey and I am new to Upstyle. For this little hack all you need is a skirt I recommend using one that isn't too tight to the body.

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Here is the skirt I will be transforming into a dress

First turn your skirt inside out

Place two safety pins along the side seams so that the you are hiding all of the safety pin

Flip the dress right side out and weave a small piece of ribbon or lace through the pins of the back and use this string to tighten the skirt (or dress) around your body

Here is a back view. The string actually looks cute since I matched the color fairly well.

Now to spice up my outfit I am going to pair it with a dramatic necklace and these flashy boots. These boots are a favorite of mine and I love to pair them with all my outfits to add in some fun.

What do you think? Love my final outfit?

Let me know.

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