Wear It 5 Ways: Wrap Skirt and Dress

by The SILEM
3 Materials
30 Minutes

This DIY wrap skirt is not just a skirt, it can also be styled as a dress. How awesome is that? This tutorial will be another one of my no-sew projects. These are super fun to make and don’t require the hassle and investment of a sewing machine. If this sounds up your alley (why wouldn’t it?), stay tuned!

Tools and materials:

  • Lycra fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
DIY wrap skirt

Find your measurements 

We are using lycra fabric for this project for two reasons, it is identical on the right and wrong sides, and two, it does not cut when it frays. For your measurements, find your hip circumference and then cut your fabric to be twice that measurement. To start, I am using 1.5 yards of fabric, laying it down, and then folding it in half. I then measure the length I wanted my skirt to be. I went with 21 inches because I’m looking for some extra leg action, but if you want more coverage simply add more inches. Next, I measured two inches from the edge (to meet the 21-inch mark) to find the width of my belt. 

Make a wrap skirt

Finish the skirt 

Mark the 21-inch mark all across the fabric to use as a guide when cutting. Then, grab some scissors and cut across the line on the bottom of your fabric. When you reach the original 21-inch mark (where we made the two-inch mark), curve down and cut towards the bottom edge (pictured above). Once that’s done, trim the bottom of the skirt and trim the edges. Make the corners circular instead of square to get rid of that sharpness. 

Simple wrap skirt

This no-sew wrap skirt is one of my favorites, mostly for all the different ways it can be worn. First off, it can be rocked with the belt tied in the back, showing off some leg! 

How to make a wrap skirt

If you prefer a more defined waist, wrap the belt around itself twice before tying it in the back. This will give the skirt some more detail in the front and a more defined waist. 

No-sew wrap skirt

To make this dress a skirt, simply wrap the belt around your neck and add a belt around your waist. The belt is great for that extra detailing as well as holding everything together. 

Easy wrap skirt

Or, if you prefer a more upscale style, try tying the belt over one shoulder and using a belt for security. This is perfect for those summer night parties! 

wrap skirt tutorial

Finally, if you prefer an off-the-shoulder look, tie the belt off one shoulder, add that belt around your waist and make sure everything is in place! 

Suggested materials:
  • Lycra
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

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