Try Mixing Red and Cream for a Classic Color Combination

by Theheadwrapsocialite

Red and cream are both classic colors. Red is a warm color that looks great when paired together with white, which is considered a neutral. Think about the vibrant red of strawberries with cream or even an early Autumn snow set against the backdrop of fiery red leaves...When paired together these colors create a crisp and sophisticated color palette., which is not only translated throughout nature but can be added into your daily wardrobe for a striking color combination.

I love a great midi skirt and when it is a classic, vibrant red (symbolizing love and romance), it is a must have for me. When searching for red skirts...A midi skirt is a great option for those who like a classic skirt, which is not too long.

I paired it with a cream "LOVE" sweater, which sits right at the waist. Cream is a neutral, sophisticated color which balances the red creating a warm glow.

So when thinking about colors that can pair well together don't forget about the classic color combination of red and cream. These colors can elevate your style with a lively energetic sense of fashion.

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