Seven Trendy Ways To Style Tights

Lizzy Capps
by Lizzy Capps

I’m going to be showing you seven different ways that you can style sheer black tights. These are my favorite type of tights as you get that nice black look, but they aren’t completely opaque, so you can still show off your legs! In all of these outfits, I’ve gone for mini skirts, mini dresses, and shorts to showcase the tights as much as I can.

Tights style

Look 1

For the first look, I’m wearing a black jumper, a gray skirt with side pleats and a long black coat. To finish the look, I’ve got on heeled boots and a bag. This look is stylish and low-key. The minimal color palette gives it a professional feel, and you could wear this outfit to work or for business meetings.

Styling tights

Look 2

Here I’m wearing a basic burgundy top, a black mini-skirt with button detail up the front, and a belt. To top it off, I’ve got on a pair of Doc Martens, a cropped leather jacket, and a leather backpack. This is a great weekend look for when you’re out and about. It’s trendy and contemporary, and the backpack gives you lots of space to store your things inside.

Style tights

Look 3

This is definitely one of those ‘less is more’ outfits, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m wearing an oversized sweater as a dress, my thigh-high boots, and a cross-body bag. The great thing about this look is the color blocking; the sweater, tights, and boots create three different blocks that blend into one another. The gold detailing on the bag makes it pair great with the sweater.

Easy tights style

Look 4

In this look, I’m wearing a long sleeve top, a pinafore mini-dress, heeled boots, and a cropped jacket. I have a small handheld bag to complete the outfit. Pinafore dresses are super fun, and if you haven’t tried wearing one before, go on and do so!

Casual tights style

Look 5

This look says haute couture all over it. I’m wearing a high neck top and an oversized blazer with a gold belt wrapped around it. I love how high-end this outfit looks. I have black cycling shorts, which peep out from underneath the blazer, and I’m wearing my Doc Martens and a small black bag. This outfit says go big or go home, and it looks gorgeous.

Office tights style

Look 6

The olive green silk slip dress I’m wearing here is such a dreamy color. I’ve styled it with a high-neck black top worn underneath and a belt to cinch in the waist. I’ve also got on my Docs, a cross-body bag, and an oversized leather jacket. The leather jacket falls slightly below where the dress does, which gives the look nice proportions. I also love the high neckline of the top contrasted with the lower, looser neckline of the dress.

How to style tights

Look 7

For the final look, I’m wearing black shorts with a black belt. Don’t think that you can only wear tights with skirts and dresses because shorts work excellently as well. On top, I’m wearing a super cozy ankle-length coat, and I’ve also got on knee-high boots.

That’s seven super easy and super stylish looks. Next time you’re wearing tights, don’t let them be an afterthought. Turn them into the focal point of your look by wearing them with mini-skirts, mini-dresses, and shorts.

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