How to Style a Black Maxi Dress in 9 Different & Trendy Ways

Angela Boss
by Angela Boss

Here I’m going to show you how to style a black maxi dress. A black maxi dress, or at least a plain one in another color, is, in my mind, an essential piece that every woman should have in her closet. It is easy to wear, looks good on everyone, and there are so many different ways to wear it.

Black maxi dress outfit ideas

The black maxi dress I will be styling here is just your simple scoop neck, tank top maxi dress. The styles I’ll be showing you in this lookbook will work well with whatever style of maxi dress you have.

Styling a black maxi dress

1. Layered shirt

For look one, I just threw on a linen button-down shirt over the maxi dress. I buttoned one or two buttons from the bottom and then tied it up at the front.

To accessorize, I have a nice shoulder bag, and on my feet, I have some timeless sparkly sandals. These simple additions have created a super elegant high-class look that is super casual as well.

Monochrome black maxi dress outfit

2. Black sweater

Look number two is one of my favorite tricks with a maxi dress. You throw a thin sweater over it and fold it in under your bust. Then add a nice pair of shoes or sandals, and the outfit looks formal and high-end. 

What jacket to wear with black maxi dress

3. Country chic

Look number three is by far my favorite for this season. Here we have a chic country look with a pair of classic cowboy boots, paired with a cute cardigan in an earthy green.

Casual maxi dress outfit ideas

4. Long cardigan

Look number four is a classic trick to making your simple maxi dress fabulous; you just throw over a long cardigan and some strappy heels. It's such an easy and effective transformation, the black maxi dress now looks elevated, and you could wear this outfit for a dinner date or other formal occasion.

What to wear with a black maxi dress

5. Cropped cardigan

Look number five is a little bit more on the funky side; it’s trendy and a little edgy. Over the dress, you just have a cropped cardigan with a couple of buttons buttoned up from the bottom.

I’m wearing it one shoulder on and one shoulder off for a more relaxed look. Then on my feet, I have some nice combat boots which finish off this everyday kind of edgy look.

Chic maxi dress outfit ideas

6. Silk scarf

For the next look, I took a silk scarf, weaved it in underneath the straps, and then tied it at the front. It gives off a nautical, sailor, boating vibe, making me think of being very high-end, drinking champagne, and eating caviar on a yacht.

I threw on some matching sandals so to complete the look.

How to wear a black maxi dress with a t-shirt

7. T-shirt

Next up, we have a super casual look, totally opposite from the more high-end ones. This is your classic trick of throwing an oversized graphic t-shirt over your maxi dress, tying it at one side, and then tucking the knot under.

On my feet, I have a pair of simple clack sneakers which tie in with the dress as well as the black in the design of the top. 

Creating a ruched effect with the black maxi dress

8. Ruched effect

For the next look, I took some string, tied it around my waist, and pulled the fabric over it to shorten the maxi dress and create a ruched appearance at the waist.

This is a classic trick to turn your maxi into a midi dress which really allows you to get the most out of it. 

How to style a black maxi dress

9. Comfy casual

This last look is by far my favorite. I just have on a denim jacket and some platform sneakers with the maxi dress; it is a fail-safe go-to look. Whatever color or style of maxi dress you are going for, this combination is effortless and will never fail to deliver.

How to style a black maxi dress

I hope you enjoyed this style guide and it has given you some inspiration for how to style a maxi dress. Whether you want to create a casual or formal look, there is a way to dress up or dress down this wonderfully versatile piece of clothing. 

Let me know which is your favorite outfit in the comments below.

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