9 Cute Ways to Style a Black Sweater Dress

by Marina
10 Minutes

In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to style a black sweater dress.

The sweater dress has a boxy fit, and it's nice and roomy. A sweater dress is so effortless to style. Let’s jump on in with the outfits!

Simple chic

1. Simple chic

The most straightforward way to style a sweater dress is with a pair of high boots.

The length of the boots contrasts against the mini-cut of the dress and makes for a great combination.

Color change

2. Color change

This is very similar to the last outfit, but it’s a great example of how you can change up the look by simply switching out brown boots for black ones.

I also added a pair of polka-dot tights for a fun little touch. The sleeves of the dress are quite loose. Here, I’ve rolled them up to give them a puffy appearance.  

Over-the-knee boots

3. Over-the-knee boots

OTK boots are another great footwear option to wear with a mini sweater dress, as they give you a lot of coverage on the legs. I’ve paired these with black tights to not break up the line of vision.

A belt accentuates the waist, and the gold details add some subtle color to a monochrome look. I think this is a great outfit to wear on a night out.

Oversized blazer

4. Oversized blazer

In this look, I’ve paired the sweater dress with an oversized blazer.

I really like how it almost matches the length of the dress, falling just above it. The beige tone brings a light and gentle feel to the outfit.

Long coat

5. Long coat

A long wool coat is another outerwear option.

I really like playing with proportions and juxtaposing a short dress with a long piece on top of this.

The cream creates a high contrast when set against the black, and the overall look is harmonious and balanced.

Long coat

This is the same as the last look, but here I’ve added a belt.

I wanted to show you how you can wear the sweater dress loose or baggy or go for a more fitted and hourglass appearance by belting the waist.

Biker vibes

6. Biker vibes

To add a bit of edge and attitude to the dress, pair it with a leather biker jacket and some buckled leather boots.

The addition of leather also introduces some texture play by having different materials against one another. This is a perfect streetwear look. 

Peach coat

7. Peach coat

Here, I’m wearing the dress with a wool coat in a peach color.

What I really like about this color is that it is both fairly neutral, so you’ll be able to mix and match it with many different things, but it also brings a gentle wash of pastel color.

The formal appearance of the coat elevates the look. 


8. High-contrast

To wear your sweater dress for work, pair it with some black heels. The combination of black tights and heels lengthens your legs and gives you the illusion that you are taller than you are.

A white trench coat with gorgeous button details down either side finishes off the look. This is a great outfit for transitioning from day to night. 

Casual trench

9. Casual trench

Last up, I’ve created a casual look with a long beige trench coat.

If you find that trench coats are slightly too dressy for your liking, an easy way to dress them down is by wearing them open and rolling the sleeves up. A cute pair of black loafers complete the look.

How to style a black sweater dress

There we have lots of ways that you can style a black sweater dress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lookbook and it's given you some inspiration for how to style a sweater dress yourself.

Let me know which look is your favorite in the comments below.

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