3 Ways to Wear a Cardigan This Fall

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Have you got a favorite crop cardigan that you’re starting to get bored with? You love it, it goes with lots of skirts or pants, but … you’ve had it for a while and you’re running out of ideas?

Here’s three ways to wear it this fall, two of which I guarantee you won’t have tried!

Tools and materials:

  • Long sleeve short button up cardigan
  • Skirt or pants
Buttoned up cardigan

1. Button up

Yes, this is one of the standard ways to wear it. Buttoned up, with a mini skirt or pants.

But I’m wearing it as a top in its own right, not over a shirt or t-shirt.

Simple, classic, always elegant!

Crossing over

2. Cross over

Unbutton it, cross one side over the other diagonally, and tuck both sides into your skirt.

Tucked in

Fold in the button and buttonhole plackets.

Now you have a crossover front top that doesn’t even look like the same cardigan.

Smart and professional for work.

Back of cardigan

3. Backless

Turn your cardigan around so the buttons are facing you, and put it on back to front.


Fasten the lowest button and tuck in the bottom of the cardigan.

Tucked in at back

Now your simple cardigan has become a sexy evening top!

3 ways to wear a cardigan this fall

Maybe you can think of other ways to wear it? I love that a plain garment like this can have so many different looks.

Which is your favorite? Why not let me know in the comments?

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Suggested materials:
  • Long sleeve short button up cardigan
  • Skirt or pants

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