How to Style a Sweater Five Different Ways

Mariah Darlene
by Mariah Darlene

For somebody who loves fashion, and has practically turned shopping into a sport, I actually maintain a fairly small closet. To do this, I tend to re-wear my clothes by restyling each item in various ways. I’m going to show you a few ideas for how to style one beige sweater in five different ways, and this will hopefully give you some inspiration to try some of these restyling ideas for yourself.

Easy sweater style

Outfit 1: Weekend Comfy Fit

For this outfit, I styled my sweater with a pair of high-rise relaxed-fit jeans. I turned the cuffs up at the bottom and tucked just the front of my sweater into the waistband of my pants.


Comfortable and casual

To keep in the same color family, I slipped on a pair of chestnut brown slides, to complete my comfortable weekend look.


Effortless sweater style

Outfit 2: Layering

For my second outfit, I switched out my jeans for a pair of faux leather black leggings. I put on a white button-down dress shirt, and layered my sweater on top, with the tails of the shirt showing below the hem of my sweater, and the collar peeking out of the v-neck. 

Styling a sweater

I chose white sneakers, and a black and bronze purse to bring cohesiveness to the outfit.  

Knee-high boots

Outfit 3: Knee-High Boots

I chose a dark wash pair of skinny jeans for the third outfit, and tucked just a bit of my sweater in at the front and back, letting most of the fabric fall gently over the waistband of my jeans. 

Snakeskin boots

The focal point of this outfit is the knee-high snakeskin boots. They’re bold and unique, and because they’re in the same color palette as my sweater, they bring the whole outfit together. 


Sweater outfit ideas

Outfit 4: Business Casual

Nothing says “getting down to business” like a well-fitted blazer. To get this business casual look, I paired my sweater with black stretch pants and tucked the sweater in all around my body. I layered a white blazer over the sweater and rolled the cuffs of the sweater up over the cuffs of the blazer for a contrasting effect.

Business casual

To complete the look, I chose black stilettos.


Cute monochromatic look

Outfit 5: Monochromatic

This monochromatic look is comfortable as well as chic. I chose a pair of gray-beige tailored trousers to wear with my sweater. I tucked my sweater in and rolled the cuffs back a bit to give the outfit a more intentional look. 

Sweater style

For the final touch, I added flat white slides, which are not exactly the same tone as the rest of the outfit but don’t take away from the monochromatic effect. 

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas and inspiration for how to style some of your clothes in a few different ways. Let me know which of the outfits from this lookbook you liked best. 

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