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It’s getting pretty cold here in Texas and I’ve definitely been grabbing for my sweaters. However, I realized I’m not a fan of my classic crewneck sweaters and I’ve got several. So I challenged myself to style them a little differently so I can wear them more. Here are just a few ways that jazzed them up some.

For this look I wanted to use my Amazon faux collar, but I wanted to make it more edgy versus preppy. I paired it with faux leather leggings and some studded mules to edge it up. Really loved this look.

Here I paired it over a dress and used the sport bra method to tuck in and make it look like a skit and top outfit. Just put the sport bra on over the dress and tuck the bottom of the sweater into the front part, I left the back out for this look.

  • Lastly with this look I just tucked it in to make it look a little different than just a normal pull over and added lots of chunky layered necklaces. This helped break up the stuffy crewneck and gave the neckline a more feminine feel.

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