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Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar
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How many times do you go and grab the same top from your close but think "I just wore this with ______, I can't wear it again". I am here to tell you, you can wear it again. You can wear it as much as you want, with whatever you want. Here is how I styled one of my favorite Amazon blouses with 5 different bottoms - this way I can wear it over and over and over again.


The first look I styled is simple: shorts and sandals. Especially with the warmer weather approaching, this would be the easiest look to go for. You can of course wear black denim or white denim or camo shorts - really any color or print you want. Haven't done your toes? Throw on sneakers or slides or flats. You are still good to go.


Next is my favorite look, especially for running errands. A fun pair of leggings, slides and a denim jacket. How can you go wrong? You can throw the jacket on if it's cold, tie it on your waist if you get hot or even throw it in the car if it is too much! I love that this top is a great length to cover the booty without the jacket around your waist.


Now for a skirt - I mean HELLO GORGEOUS! How simple is this look? This blouse tucked into this pleated midi skirt with heels is the perfect work look, date night look, brunch look, bridal/baby shower look and it was effortless.


Who can go wrong with jeans? Another simple and easy way to wear this top without having to think too much. In this post, I added a cardigan and leopard heels for a work look or date night but this can easily be dressed down with some sneakers or flats.


And finally, slacks. I have not been to the office in a year but if I had to go back, this is what I would wear. I love the simplicity of the black and white outfit and nude heel. It is classic. You can wear this blouse with beige slacks, blue slacks, grey - whatever is in your closet. You can swap out the blazer for a cardigan. Uncomfortable in heels? Wear flats!

All of these looks are ALWAYS totally customizable to what makes you feel your best. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel like a million bucks.

Need an item styled more ways so you can get the most use out of it? Looking for style advice or tips? Let me know, I am here to help! For more outfit inspiration, follow me on Instagram @SimplyStyledCloset.



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