5 Different Ways to Wear a Halter Top: 1 Top, 5 Cute Looks


Here I’m going to show you how to style a blouse in some different ways. The blouse I’m styling is in a halterneck style and I think there is something elegant and very sexy about showing just your shoulders.

As I’ve gotten older, I’m now not such a fan of low-cut tops that show your cleavage and I think that this style is much nicer. Let’s take a look at the different ways to wear a halter top.

Halter top with shorts

1. Halter top with shorts

For the first look, I styled the top with some tailored linen shorts and heels. The heels have a see-through strap at the front which makes them very versatile. When I’m in doubt and don’t know what color to put on my feet, these shoes go with everything.

I wouldn’t go for black heels with this outfit because they would create too much of a high contrast against the light-colored shorts.

The fabric and pattern of the top mean that it lends itself to a smart-casual look, so although I could wear this with sandals, I didn’t want it to be too dressed down. I also added a little black belt to cinch me in at the waist.

Halter top outfit ideas

If the weather is slightly cooler, I also have the option to put a blazer over the top in a similar tone to the shorts.

How to wear a halter top

Here, I’ve switched out the blazer for a long cardigan. I love the flowiness of this cardigan and the movement that this creates when I walk.

Halter top with jeans

2. Halter top with jeans

Next up, I’m wearing cropped black jeans in a straight cut. They are thick jeans so they don’t look too casual, and I’ve paired them with black shoes which work because they’re in the same color as the jeans. If I had white jeans on, I would not be pairing them with black shoes.

The jeans are really comfortable but they still look very put-together, and the heels are quite low so they’re easy to walk in. I tucked in the front of the top and left the back hanging loose.

If you wanted to add another element to this look, a black belt with a gold buckle would also look nice.

Halter top with skinny jeans

3. Halter top with skinny jeans

This next look is as casual as I would go with this top. I have on a different pair of black jeans that are skinny and have a straight cut. The black is more of a washed-out shade compared with the previous pair, and I also have a pair of nice flip-flops on.

Different ways to wear a halter top

I could also wear this outfit with a pair of slide-on Moccasins.

Halter top with white pants

4. Halter top with white pants

The next look is with any pair of white pants, whichever looks best on you. You could also do this with a pair of white jeans but again I would stick to a more smart-looking silhouette. For footwear, I’ve stuck with my simple see-through heels.

Halter top with a blazer

5. Halter top with a blazer

This look is definitely much more formal and the type of thing I’d wear to go out in the evening. I have on a pair of black bell-bottoms, black shoes, and a nice structured blazer. I feel like I’m ready to run the country in this outfit! I love suits and think this is a wonderful look. The buttons on either side of the blazer add a nice detail.

5 Different ways to wear a halter top

That brings us to an end! I hope you like the different looks that I put together with this gorgeous halter top.

As the top is white and cream, I think it looks best styled with black, white, cream, beige and other neutral colors. By changing out the bottoms, I can create many different outfits with the same top so that I can get maximum wear out of it!

Let me know your favorite look in the comments below.

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